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Not What If, But When — Technology Delivers Efficiencies

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Join Mark Oppold and experts from Case IH on Rural America Live as they talk about the latest technology and innovations and share how those advancements already are improving decision-making and delivering new efficiencies to all types of farming.

As you evaluate what the latest technology can bring to your farming operation, it’s helpful to know what these advancements can do for you today, as well as how they might play into future offerings.

Our experts recently sat down with Rural America Live host Mark Oppold to talk about the fast-approaching tech horizon, as well as new tillage technology that you can put to work on your farm right now. It’s a discussion that can support your efforts as you work toward High-Efficiency Farming and a better bottom line:

  • Autonomous tractor pilot program. Through collaboration with Bolthouse Farms — one of the largest carrot producers in North America, operating across four states and Canada — on an autonomous tractor pilot program, we’re learning more about how new autonomous technology can be used and how it meets real-world on-farm requirements.
  • AFS Soil Command. Available on the Tiger-Mate® 255 field cultivator via Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), AFS Soil Command is the first seedbed monitoring technology that allows producers to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of their seedbed — right from the tractor cab. This advanced technology delivers real-time feedback from the seedbed, so the operator can make yield-enhancing adjustments by creating a smooth, consistent seedbed floor that eliminates planter row unit bounce.

From autonomous tractors to optimizing seedbed quality, learn about the latest tech advancements for your farm. Via @Case_IH Click To TweetClick the video above to watch the program that first aired on RFD-TV and where Chris Lursen, Case IH Tillage Marketing Manager, and Chris Dempsey, Case IH AFS Marketing Manager, shared their insights into the potential these technologies can bring to modern agriculture.

After you watch the video, talk to your Case IH dealer about how your operation could benefit from a high-efficiency seedbed and the right level of automation.


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