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Off-season Combine Care Keeps Harvests Humming

Off-season combine maintenance can help eliminate harvest headaches.

Ask the guys who know — the custom harvesters. They’ll tell you: A successful harvest season starts with wintertime maintenance on your combine. Your Case IH dealer can help you get the job done now, before your attention turns toward prepping for spring fieldwork.

Proactive combine maintenance helps ensure your combine will perform at its best when you need it. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less downtime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved fuel economy

If you have the facilities and the capabilities, you likely can perform many combine maintenance tasks on your own. Your Case IH dealer offers Certified Maintenance Inspections that provide additional benefits:

  • Documented maintenance, which can improve resale values
  • Service performed by Case IH trained technicians
  • Service with Genuine Case IH lubricants, filters and parts

First, visit the Case IH Red and Ready Productivity Hub and download our Combine Productivity Guide. This guide supplements your combine operator’s manual and addresses everything from service to safety to operation and storage. Next, review the maintenance section of your operator’s manual to familiarize yourself with inspection points and procedures. You also may find it helpful to download an example of your Case IH dealer’s Certified Maintenance Inspection Checklist. This shows the thoroughness of the inspections (up to 160 check points, depending on the model) performed by your Case IH dealer’s service department. Use it to guide you through the maintenance process.

You may decide to tackle the basics and then rely on the experts at your Case IH dealer to complete the maintenance or make larger repairs. Regardless, you can count on your dealer to work with you on a maintenance program that meets your needs and keeps your combine rolling.

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