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Opening Day at Ag Connect 2011: Case IH is the Happening Place To Be!

General Wesley K. Clark drew record crowds at the Be Ready Discussion on Alternative Energy in the Case IH booth on the opening day of the Ag Connect Expo. General Clark’s comments focused on the national security implications of the United States’ dependence on foreign oil and agriculture’s potential role for providing alternative energy sources.

Brian Hefty, host of RFD-TV’s Ag PhD, led the Engine Emissions – Fact vs. Fiction Panel, which featured Dawn Geske, editor-in-chief of Diesel Progress International; Leo Bose, commercial training manager for Case IH North America; David Stark, commercial product trainer for Case IH North America; and Enrique Guzman, director of the application engineering team with Fiat Powertrain Technologies. Together, the panel answered questions regarding emission technologies.

Brian Hefty also presented the final opening day Be Ready Seminar, Weed Resistance Around the World, which offered insights and management strategies for resistant weeds.

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  • Scot1.25.2011 Reply

    What he is not saying is that ethanol in not the silver bullet here.He also says that in June we shipped over 25 billion dollars to foriegn nations.Be it Canada or Mexico both share the same North Continent as United States does.What Clarke is not saying is that we have enough oil here in The United States be it off the coast of Florida,California or in The Gulf Mexico.Also we have the big Bakken oil field in North Dakota or more importantly in ANWR.Most of these places have been ignored or put off limits because the current occupant in the oval office & his minions are more interested in bowing to these left wing enviromental marxist groups then opening up these areas to drill for oil.In 1995 Bill Clinton vetoed a bill to drill in ANWR reasoning we don t need that right now.Well we need the oil why isn t there any oil flowing from ANWR-ALASKAN NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE.Sarah is right we says “Drill Baby Drill”.

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