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Paint Primer: Tips for Protecting Your Investment

Genuine Case IH paints provide the ease of application, performance and durability your equipment deserves.

Equipment maintenance runs deeper than changing fluids and filters or tightening chains and belts. As you work to get your tractors, planters and tillage tools field-ready, remember that a little touch-up work or a whole new paint job can help preserve the longevity and value of your equipment.

It’s just as important to remember that not all paints are created equal. Only genuine Case IH paints deliver the performance, finish and durability your equipment deserves. Our paints are easier to apply, flow better during application and require fewer coats. They hold their color better, resist wear and damage and hold up far longer than other paints.

Original color match. Whether you’re repainting working equipment or restoring an antique, your aim is that new-from-the-factory look. It’s a goal only achieved through a paint that exactly matches the original factory paint color. Side-by-side test-panel results are dramatic: Genuine Case IH red paint provides an exact color-matched paint, while competitive paints do not.

Color fastness and weather resistance. Another key attribute of paint is its ability protect against the toughest weather and environmental factors. All paints fade or rust over time. But higher-quality genuine Case IH paints resist rust and fading much longer when subjected to a salt test — an industry standard that emulates and accelerates the normal weathering process.

A salt test also reveals how different paint finishes compare. Paint panels subjected to the salt spray tests show that genuine Case IH paint provides superior color fastness and exhibits superior weather-resistance characteristics.

Gloss finish. Another visual test commonly used in the paint industry measures the gloss in the cured paint finish. In general, the glossier the finish, the better. Genuine Case IH paint once again excels, with a uniform high-gloss coating that inhibits rust and ensures longer-lasting protection. This high-gloss effect can help make any equipment look showroom new for a long period of time.

The right paint, properly applied

Even with the highest-quality paints, it takes careful preparation and application to produce the longest-lasting protection. Here are several suggestions from Case IH paint specialists to help ensure the best possible results:

  • Aerosols are preferred for touch-up work
  • Choose liquid paints for large, flat areas that need smooth, consistent appearance
  • Surface preparation is critical; remove dirt, oil, water, rust and chipped paint
  • Apply a primer coating to increase rust protection, improve top-coat adhesion, hide imperfections, reflect a truer color and improve the final appearance

Talk to your Case IH dealer or shop the Case IH Partstore for genuine Case IH paints before you wrap up your off-season maintenance program. You’ll head to the field with peace of mind and great looking equipment.


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