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Patriot Sprayers Deliver Application Quality

The second installment of our Agronomic Design Insights video series focuses on spraying and features Case IH sprayer expert Mark Burns and Greg Kruger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Crop Specialist.

Have you completed your planned applications this season? Have Case IH Patriot® sprayers helped you be in fields at the optimal moment?

When spraying, producers should consider six drivers that impact application quality:

  1. Accurate spray rate
  2. Optimal chemical droplet size
  3. Consistent coverage
  4. No skips or overlaps
  5. Timeliness
  6. Drift control

These Agronomic Design features are all incorporated into Patriot sprayer design. Patriot sprayers were designed based on these drivers. Case IH Agronomic Design combines agronomic principles, our expertise and input from producers to help producers maximize their yield potential.

High-quality and timely application is crucial to successful crop production.  University research shows uncontrolled weeds can result in corn yield losses of more than one bushel per day, and up to 1 percent soybean yield loss per day.

Visit our Agronomic Design page to learn more about other agronomic considerations when spraying, planting and harvesting. Stay tuned for additional Agronomic Design videos throughout the year.


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  • Alan McCracken7.12.2013 Reply

    Interesting video, however would like to see some new developments with respect to nozzle position on the boom. Have made a number of changes to this machine that have dramatically increased its performance with better crop penetration.
    Have a number of clients using these machines with superb results applying 1.0 – 3.0 gals/acre.

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