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Performance-matched Oils Deliver Unmatched Protection

Case IH Akcela No. 1 engine oils provide maximum lubrication performance even at extended oil change intervals.

For years, performance-matched heavy-duty engine oils from Case IH have helped save you time and money through even the most demanding conditions. Now, the most widely used engine oil in the agricultural industry has been certified CK-4-compliant by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Case IH Akcela No. 1 15W-40 engine oil, engineered since 2007 for year-round use, always has been formulated to exceed industry performance standards. In late 2016 testing, No. 1 15W-40 surpassed the requirements for CK-4 certification and was among the first oils to carry the new designations when API-certified CK-4 engine oils came to market in December. That means the oil you’ve long trusted to protect your engines already was in compliance and, in fact, had been a decade ahead of the curve.

But protecting your valuable equipment is about more than exceeding industry demands. We performance-match all our engine oils. So, when we engineer machines to operate at the highest, most demanding standards, you can choose an oil that’s designed to do the same. Case IH Akcela No. 1 15W-40 oil provides enhanced protection against oil oxidation, viscosity loss due to shear, and oil aeration, as well as protection against catalyst poisoning, particulate filter blocking, engine wear, piston deposits, degradation of low- and high-temperature properties, and soot-related viscosity increase.

Case IH Tier 4 high-horsepower engines don’t use diesel particulate matter filters, thanks to Efficient Power SCR-only emissions technology. However, these filters might be present in the Tier 4 engines used in other makes of farm equipment and trucks. Case IH Akcela No. 1 CK-4 15W-40 oil can be used in these engines that call for oil complying with the API CK-4 or CJ-4 standard, which simplifies oil management in mixed fleets.

Our oils save you time and money, too. With change intervals that exceed 500 hours, Case IH machines run longer between required maintenance, so you spend more time up and running.

Exceeding future demands

As a mineral-based oil, Case IH Akcela No. 1 has established a long track record of superior performance. To keep ahead of the ever-higher demands placed on engine oils, Case IH is finalizing certification of its No. 1 SSL semi-synthetic and synthetic engine oils in 10W-40 and 0W-40 weights.

These semi-synthetic and synthetic oils provide even higher levels of lubrication protection at temperature extremes, compared with mineral-based oils. These oils are especially well-suited when you want to take advantage of the extended oil drain intervals on Case IH Efficient Power Tier 4 engines.

As we move into the demanding harvest and fall tillage seasons, talk to your Case IH dealer about how our performance-matched oils can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re providing unmatched protection for all your machines.


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