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Pick a Pre-owned Combine, Just in Time for Fall

A Case IH Certified Pre-Owned Axial-Flow combine can help you head to the field this fall with confidence.

There are several good reasons for, and strategies behind, farm equipment purchases. If you look ahead to harvest and then at market conditions and decide that pre-owned is the best way to meet your equipment needs, it’s important to buy carefully and consider Case IH Certified Pre-Owned.

Machinery is one of the largest investments for most farming operations. How and when you replace your equipment can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in annual production costs.1 It’s a decision that requires pencil pushing and then homework to help ensure the best return possible.

Iowa State University Extension specialists cite several reasons that can lead you to a decision to replace farm machinery, including:

Minimizing costs. Consider replacing when the annualized cost of owning and operating a piece of equipment begins to increase — usually when repair costs outpace depreciation and interest costs.

Reliability. Timeliness during planting and harvest, plus all the field operation in between, can be critical to your success.

New technology. If new technology can improve production or efficiency, an equipment upgrade might make sense.

Increased capacity. Adding a significant number of acres without a proportionate increase in equipment capacity can lead to timeliness issues and an increased risk of crop losses.

Replacing equipment with pre-owned equipment can be a good option to help reduce input costs. Iowa State University Extension agricultural engineers recommend you use a critical eye for all used equipment purchases, but especially when it comes to tractors and combines, because many of the most important wear points are located inside the machine.2

As you consider your harvest needs for this fall, keep in mind these tips from Iowa State as you evaluate pre-owned combines:

  • Inspect a combine’s engine, frame and drive like you would a tractor. Look for fluid leaks, metal cracks or welds.
  • Check for wear on rotor/cylinder bars and the concave.
  • Make sure grain-cleaning mechanisms are in good shape. Look for broken parts or spot-weld repairs.
  • Look for play in bearings or slots.
  • Thin auger flighting is a sign of long use.
  • Check electronic systems, components and wiring.

Your Case IH dealer can help you identify the right replacement combine for your operation. The surest way to buy peace of mind with your combine purchase is to buy through the Case IH Certified Pre-Owned Program.* Only special machines — those serviced by a special caliber of technician — are eligible for the Case IH Certified Pre-Owned Program. Late-model (5 or fewer years old) Axial-Flow® series combines and Magnum and Steiger® series tractors qualify for consideration. Combines must have fewer than 1,500 engine hours; tractors can have no more than 2,000 engine hours.

Equipment purchased under the Case IH Certified Pre-Owned Program comes with a Case IH Protection Plan with Extended Powertrain Coverage** to help keep your equipment working properly beyond the base warranty period. The Case IH Protection Plan covers all major engine and drivetrain components with a zero-dollar deductible.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about all of the advantages of buying Certified Pre-Owned today or visit caseihused.com and look for the Case IH Certified Pre-Owned logo.

*Case IH Certified Pre-Owned Program applies to late-model (no more than 5 years old) (i) Axial-Flow combines with fewer than 1,500 engine hours and (ii) Steiger and Magnum tractors with fewer than 2,000 engine hours. See your authorized Case IH dealer for additional details.

**This is descriptive only. The precise protection afforded is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the contract as issued. Program participation is subject to customer credit qualification and/or other underwriting requirements. Programs may be changed or canceled without notice. All insurance products offered through CNH Industrial Insurance Agency Inc. and CNH Industrial Insurance Agency Ltd are underwritten by licensed insurance companies. Capitalized terms used in this literature, unless defined herein, have the meanings assigned to them in the contract as issued. CNH Industrial Insurance Agency Inc. and CNH Industrial Insurance Agency Ltd are AmTrust Financial Companies.


Upgrade your combine with confidence

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1Edwards W. Replacement Strategies for Farm Machinery. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Ag Decision Maker website. http://www.extension.iastate.edu/agdm/crops/html/a3-30.html. Revised June 2015. Accessed June 12, 2016.
2Hanna M. Buying Used Machinery. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Ag Decision Maker website. http://www.extension.iastate.edu/agdm/crops/html/a3-22.html. Published February 2010. Accessed June 12, 2016.
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