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Planting Report: Southern Farmers Planting Fast

Nice weather and good field conditions have helped many southern farmers stay ahead of schedule this spring.

Favorable conditions go a long way toward helping you achieve the all-important fast, uniform crop emergence. Having the right planting equipment — as producers across many southern states are experiencing — is a big help, too.

Today’s guest blogger is Del Massey, Case IH crop production product specialist. He covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, plus southern Indiana and southeast Missouri. Here is his planting report from the field:

Planting is coming along very well in my territory. Conditions in some areas were beginning to turn dry, but much-needed rains this week, with more in the forecast, have helped.

Producers are geared for speed. With planting equipment that allows for higher working speeds, while planting more rows in each pass, they can plant their crops in a hurry. I’ve even heard about some soybeans being planted across my territory, which would be two to three weeks ahead of normal.

Cotton acres climb in South Texas

In South Texas, cotton is king this year, largely due to price. Most of the cotton farmers I’ve worked with are increasing their cotton planting acres by at least 50 percent. Cotton acres in South Texas are in the 80 percent to 90 percent planted. A large percentage of the corn and rice is planted as well.

Ahead of schedule in the Delta

In the Delta regions of Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri, the corn crop is 80 percent to 90 percent planted. Dry conditions in most areas last week allowed rice planting to progress nicely. Rains this week have helped activate preplant herbicides and helped with crop emergence in dryer areas. Cotton planting has not begun in most of the Delta, but cotton-planting intentions seem to be high. In Kentucky and Tennessee, the corn crop is at least 70 percent to 80 percent planted.

Here to help

Producers are working hard to manage production costs without sacrificing yields, making every management decision even more important. Seed variety selection and placement, precise fertilizer applications and effective pesticide choices are among those critical decisions.

At Case IH, we are here to help farmers make the most of their capital investments. Our 2000 series Early Riser® planters are rolling all across North America. Farmers have been highly impressed by their productivity and accuracy. We still offer 1200 series planters, too. Both feature the industry-leading Early Riser row unit — the best in the industry for planting cotton and achieving a great stand.

My advice for farmers this year: Be flexible. Profitable opportunities exist. In my experience, the most successful producers track the costs and yields down to the acre and make decisions accordingly. Accurate information determines the correct path forward. Stay in touch with your Case IH dealer and supporting Case IH field staff. Together, we can help you make equipment decisions that will be the greatest benefit to your operation.

I hope you all have a great and — above all — safe growing season.


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