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Precision Tech Can Make Your Fall More Productive

Case IH aftermarket options can help you add precision farming technology to your equipment, regardless of make, model or vintage.

If you’re ready to learn more about your fields this fall but you’re not ready to buy a new combine or tractor, Case IH has the solutions.

Precision farming technology isn’t only for late-model equipment. Thanks to Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), you can outfit your previous-generation combines and tractors with the latest precision farming technology. And you can do so regardless of your equipment’s make, model or age.

A receiver that brings your equipment up to date

Introduced earlier this year, the AFS AccuStar GPS receiver lets you collect timely information about your crops, regardless of the size of your operation or the age of your equipment. This data can help you make better-informed management decisions, drive efficiencies and, ultimately, grow your bottom line.

With AFS AccuStar, you can accurately map fields and save on fuel, labor and input costs. This affordable GPS receiver features simple and intuitive operation, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade or add precision capabilities to previous-generation tractors or combines. Consider what you can accomplish by using these applications:

  • ElectriSteer assisted steering (autoguidance)
  • GPS positioning for combine yield mapping
  • Stand-alone GPS applications
  • Providing GPS to third-party displays and/or applications

Because installation is fast and simple — a magnetic base and harnessing is all it takes — you can realize the advantages of precision farming during this season’s harvest, postharvest fertilizer application and fall tillage. And then you can share your information with your agronomist, crop consultant or other trusted adviser for analysis that can help guide decisions as you plan for the 2018 crop year.

Displays, receivers, software and more

Talk with the precision farming specialist at your Case IH dealership and explore the opportunities to upgrade your existing equipment in time for fall. Or visit the Case IH Partstore, where you can review our full suite of precision farming products. Each is designed to help ensure you’re capturing all of the benefits and savings the latest Case IH precision farming technology can bring to your farm.


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