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Producers Should Own and Control Agronomic Data

AFS Connect is designed to bring increased efficiency to your farm while protecting your data and privacy.

The evolution of precision technology has increased available data for producers. As a result, users want better access and better security, which raises a number of questions: Who sees what data? Where is data stored? How secure is the data? Who controls the data? And most important, who owns the data?

At Case IH, the answer is simple — farmers should own and control their own agronomic data.

As AFS Connect becomes available to producers, we established guidelines and principles related to data ownership and access to address the need for more data privacy. Case IH is committed to:

Farmer-Owned Data Systems: All data generated or entered by the farmer, his/her employees or by his/her machines, is controlled by that farmer while using open industry standards for optional secure data sharing. This allows producers to realize the full value of their data as well as the right to select what can be shared and with whom.

Safe and Secure Data Systems: The systems are designed to be secure in maintaining or transmitting information without compromising the producer’s privacy or sensitive information.

Integrated and Open Data Systems: Should they choose, farmers are able to share data with Case IH or third parties through a system that incorporates technologies that allow and require producers to identify which data may be shared. This reduces complexity by providing a platform for farmers to seamlessly and simply leverage the data they produce. Case IH will only share agronomic data with third parties to provide services to which the producer subscribes.

Evolving Data Systems: Data systems will comply with industry standards for data communications yet remain flexible to change as the needs for and access to agricultural data expand and evolve. Permissions are predefined by the system, but most are determined by the producer. Generally, access is restricted to what is needed to support a farmer. When a producer sets up his/her system, he/she can assign different types of user profiles: Customer Manager (owner), Customer Operator, Support/Hotline.

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