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Put AFS to Work on Your Farm This Season

The new growing season is the ideal time to put Case IH Advanced Farming Systems to work on your farm.

From tillage to planting and all the way through harvest, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) provides the information you need to make better decisions for the best possible agronomic performance and profit potential. A new growing season is the perfect time to put AFS to work on your farm.

When you tap into AFS, you can customize the capabilities to your management style and goals.

You also can select the appropriate equipment and tools to help you gather, manage and analyze your operational data. Here are some of the options you can apply on your farm:

AFS Connect provides you real-time dashboard access to your equipment on any device, so you have instant access to location, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats — just like you would see it in the field.

Displays provide the single, intuitive interface that connects all your equipment so you can monitor your performance. Case IH gives you the flexibility to choose our factory-installed AFS Pro 700 display or go with an aftermarket option. It’s up to you.

Guidance and steering tools — such as AFS AccuGuide for tractors, combines and sprayers — can help you achieve year-over-year repeatable accuracy. Plus, you’ll reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.

Section and rate control tools pair perfectly with Case IH steering and guidance options by allowing you to put seed, fertilizer and other inputs where you want them and only where you want them.

Harvest solutions help bring together a season’s worth of work with data you can use to guide decisions for years to come. All Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory, giving you the ability to immediately analyze the performance of different seed varieties.

Data management software helps you maximize the value of your AFS technology by tapping into data from various sources — the AFS Pro 700 display, your crop consultant, or an ag retailer or other supplier — to generate yield maps, prescription maps and more.

No matter which AFS options or tools you choose for your operation, Case IH is committed to helping you take advantage of all they offer. Our AFS Support Center provides access to service and support for all of your AFS products. Plus, the Support Center coordinates with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about what AFS can bring to your operation. Best of all, there’s still time to put it in place before your head to the field this spring.

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