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Q&A About Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

SCR & DEF Widely Used

If you’ve heard about the new 2011 Tier 4A engine emissions requirements, you’ve probably heard mention of Diesel Exhaust Fluid aka DEF. But, you might not know a whole lot about it. Below, we’ll shed some light on DEF.

What is DEF and when will I need it?
DEF – a stable, non-toxic solution made of synthetic urea and deionized water – is a key ingredient for the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment process being utilized in model year 2011 and beyond Case IH high horsepower tractors. In combination with proven Case IH engines, this technology will improve engine power and responsiveness, fuel economy, and overall durability for Case IH Steiger®, Magnum™, and Puma™  tractors, while helping them meet 2011 EPA emissions regulations


Why choose SCR if it requires extra purchase and handling of DEF?

A Dramatic Reduction in Air Pollutants is Requred by 2011

Leading engineers believe SCR technology will be required to meet the intensely stringent Tier 4B emissions regulations in 2014. Case IH already possesses this technology and implemented it in their newest high-horsepower tractors.

Even when taking into account fuel cost, tests show that Case IH equipment with SCR technology reduces total fuel costs by 10 percent. While it’s true that you’ll be handling another fluid on your farm, Case IH chose SCR because of the significant savings in terms of fuel costs that it could provide its customers and because SCR technology provides the most feasible path for future emission standards for high-horsepower applications.

2.5-gallon sealed DEF container with built-in dispenser attachment

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  • Gary Arganbright9.26.2011 Reply

    why are the 580 size tires not available on the 4420 sprayers?

    • CASE IH9.29.2011

      I think you mean the 520 size tires. The 520/85R38 tire does not have the load rating to handle the weight of the new Patriot 4420 sprayer. The 520 size is approved for use on the Patriot 3330 and 3230 models.

  • Grayson Kirby3.28.2012 Reply

    How and what are most farmers most effectively transporting def to the field in?

    • CASE IH4.2.2012

      There are many DEF handling options depending on the size of your operation and the amount of hours you put on your equipment each season. Most operations/farms use a 55 gallon drum or 275/330 gallon tote that is supplied at any Case IH dealer, especially if your land is near your fuel barrels. If you need to transport both DEF and Fuel a popular solution is a DEF/Diesel fuel trailer that is manufactured by Thunder Creek Trailers which is also available through many Case IH dealers. There are many solutions available today, but your local Case IH dealer is a good place to start.

  • Jeff9.30.2012 Reply

    How much def woul I expect to use per acre with a 6130 combine?

  • Ron Miller10.22.2012 Reply

    What are you recommending the on board DEF systems when storing equipment for the winter. Should the system be drained?

    • CASE IH10.25.2012

      DEF that remains in the tank of the machine after the season does not require any special precautions. Please refer to the General Information section of your Operators Manual for any questions.

  • Rand Levy4.7.2014 Reply

    What is the quality difference between different suppliers of DEF? At $30. difference for a 55 gallon barrel between Case IH and Cenex, is there much difference in the product?

    • Case IH4.9.2014

      Hi Rand – please contact your local Case IH dealer. They can answer any questions about DEF you may have.

  • Hermen Langa7.12.2014 Reply


    Can you please tal me the right Adblue reference to case ih 550HP

    best regards

    • Case IH7.21.2014

      Any DEF/AdBlue you use needs to meet the ISO 22241 specification.

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