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Q&A: AFS RTK+ Delivers Reliable, Consistent Accuracy

The dense and robust AFS RTK+ network ensures a fast, dependable signal and maximum accuracy in all conditions, regardless of field location.

Connectivity shouldn’t limit your access to technology, especially technology that can help optimize performance, profit and productivity on your farm. That’s why Case IH and our dealers are working hard to build the world’s largest cellular network and bring RTK+ connectivity to your farm.

We asked Kirk Wesley, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Marketing Manager, about RTK+ and what it can do for your operation. Here are some tidbits to mull over as you prepare for harvest:

  1. What is AFS RTK+?
  2. AFS RTK+ is connectivity at the top of technology. RTK+ uses cellular connectivity for improved signal reliability in tough terrain or in remote areas and eliminates the need to switch radio channels when moving to different fields.
  3. What makes RTK+ the most-accurate option?
  4. Cellular RTK+ guidance correction signals alleviate problems associated with traditional radio-delivered RTK, including line-of-sight issues — hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures. This ensures a fast, dependable signal and maximum accuracy in all conditions, regardless of field location, and extends your distance of travel from a cellular base while maintaining sub-inch accuracy.
  5. What are the benefits of such precise accuracy?
  6. Seamless connectivity with RTK+ reduces application overlaps and skips, improves field efficiency and allows for more accurate placement of inputs, including fertilizer and herbicides. This reliable, high accuracy helps achieve repeatability — even in the most-narrow rows.
  7. What other benefits does RTK+ deliver?
  8. Consider year-to-year accuracy, for example. Precision you can count on year after year and from field to field is ideal for row crops, strip tilling and controlling wheel traffic for reduced soil compaction. It’s a great fit for other applications, too, such land leveling, hilling, bedding and drainage work, when the best horizontal and vertical accuracy is required​.
  9. What happens in areas without great cellular coverage?
  10. Thanks to xFill® technology backing up the RTK signal, you can continue operating even if the signal is weak or interrupted. And, with RTK+, initialization and convergence take less than a minute, so you’re up and running without delay.
  11. Where is the technology available?
  12. Farmers can access RTK+ connectivity throughout our dealer-supported network across the United States and Canada. It’s already a robust network, but rest assured, Case IH, along with our dealers, continues building what ultimately will be the world’s largest cellular-based guidance network.
  13. What does it take to get started?
  14. RTK+ is available via subscription through participating Case IH dealers. All you need is a global navigation satellite system receiver and connectivity to the network, including a cellular connection, and subscription that are compatible with RTK+. Best of all, you can bring this technology to your operation faster and easier than ever — in time for all your fall fieldwork. Case IH AFS, powered by RTK+ technology, is a great way to boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve profit potential on your farm.


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