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Q&A: Putting Air Drill Technology to Work in No-till

The latest advancements in technology and design help make air drills an excellent option in no-till.

Air drills long have been the seeding implement of choice among no-till farmers. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology and Case IH Agronomic Design, today’s air seeders help deliver optimal yield potential from every seed, regardless of crop.

We sat down with David Long, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment and pull-type fertilizer applicators, to learn about the advantages air drills bring to no-till:

Q. What makes air drills so popular in no-till?

A. Many of the most successful no-till programs rely on diverse crop mix — from wheat and other cereal grains to oil seeds and cash crops. And, of course, no-tillers have led the way in capturing the advantages cover crops deliver. The Case IH Precision Disk 500 series air drills can accurately and consistently seed a wide range of crops.

Q. What advancements have improved air-seeder performance in no-till?

A. The latest design and technology help make air drills an excellent fit for no-till. Advancements center around:

  • Crop residue handling
  • Seed placement
  • Seed-to-soil contact

Q. How do Precision Disk models deal with crop residue?

A. The row unit is designed to cut and handle the heaviest of residue with minimal soil disturbance. The 18-inch Earth Metal® disks are set at a 7-degree angle to easily slice open a high-quality seed trench. This design also lowers the overall draft of the disk drill and reduces down-pressure requirements.

Q. What about seeding depth and spacing?

A. Like conventionally farmed ground, no-till soils and conditions can change dramatically across the field or from pass to pass. Case IH Precision Disk drill row units feature a parallel-link system, consisting of an upper and lower arm to ensure even depth placement across those varying soil conditions. A unique forward-facing seed tube reduces seed tumble proper seed placement in the bottom of the trench.

Q. How do you ensure fast, uniform germination?

A. Seed-to-soil contact is critical in helping your crop realize its full yield potential. Our closing wheel is designed specifically for closing in any condition. The raised edge breaks the sidewall, and the opposing edge captures the soil to close and seal the trench.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about what a Precision Disk 500 series air seeder can bring to your no-till operation. After all, no matter what the markets do, you can’t afford to leave yield potential in the field.


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Case IH Precision Disk 500T air drill

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