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Raise a Glass of Ice-cold Milk — It’s Dairy Month

From seeding to feeding, Case IH can help you more efficiently care for your herd.

If you know dairy, you know a cow has four stomachs and 32 teeth, weighs around 1,400 pounds and requires about 30 to 50 gallons of water and 50 pounds of dry matter each day to produce 55 pounds of milk.1 If you know dairy, you also know June is National Dairy Month.

Even beyond all the nutritious, affordable dairy products that help feed our growing world, there’s a lot to celebrate. The 2012 Census of Agriculture pegged the total sales value for milk at $35.5 billion.2 When a dairy farmer sells a dollar of milk, it generates economic activity of $3, and every $1 million of U.S. milk sales generates 17 jobs.3 The dairy industry is vital to food, fiber and economic production.

The 2012 census report also noted a dairy producer’s largest expense was feed, totaling $15.6 billion, or nearly half (48 percent) of total production costs. We’re proud to celebrate National Dairy Month with you as we continue our efforts to help you be as efficient as possible with that feed bill. We’re committed to helping you raise, harvest and feed your herd the highest-quality rations at the lowest cost possible.

In addition to the tillage and seeding equipment that helps get your forage crops planted and off to a fast start, our full line of hay and forage equipment is designed to help you cut, harvest, handle and feed the highest-quality rations possible:

As you raise a celebratory milkshake or ice cream cone during the fast-paced haying season, talk to your Case IH dealer this month about how an upgrade from our stable of livestock and hay equipment can help you find more minutes in the day, put more milk in the tank and add dollars to the bottom line. Happy National Dairy Month!


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