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Resolve to Trim Costs With AFS During 2017

Even if you’re not the New Year’s resolution type, this is the time of year to scrutinize every aspect of your farming operation and look for ways to increase your profit potential. Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) is one way that can help improve the expense and income sides of the ledger.

We asked Leo Bose, Case IH AFS Marketing Manager, for a quick rundown of his top tips as we prepare for the 2017 growing season. Here’s what we learned:

  1. If you’re not already collecting and saving your data, be sure to follow proper data management techniques to help ensure you have enough quality data to establish a benchmark for your operation. This is critical when making data-driven decisions.
  2. Talk with the precision farming specialist at your Case IH dealership and explore opportunities to upgrade your existing equipment. This will help ensure you’re capturing all of the benefits and savings the latest Case IH precision farming technology can bring to your farm.
  3. Upgrade your equipment to technology with AFS ISOBUS Product Control. This upgrade adds section and rate control, plus mapping functionality for applications, including slurry, liquid fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia, dry product spreaders and spray equipment.
  4. Upgrade your correction signal for increased repeatable accuracy with a full range of guidance correction sources from either low, medium or high levels.
  5. Visit the Case IH Owners Community and register for a free account to get access to AFS support and reference materials. Your account can help you prepare for the season or the task at hand by giving you access to Quick Reference Cards (QRCs), operators manuals and FAQs.

The more Case IH AFS capabilities you tap into, the more precise you can be in your input management and decision-making. And that can pay off in more bushels in the bin at a lower cost of production. So be sure to enjoy the rest of your holidays and then resolve to talk to your Case IH dealer about ramping up the precision farming benefits across your farm during 2017.


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