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Rugged Blades for Today’s Tough Residue

Earth Metal disk blades and sweeps from Case IH are stronger, sharper and longer-lasting to increase the productivity of each acre tilled and set the stage for higher-yield environments.

Today’s corn and soybean genetics make for stronger, bigger yields. But the same genetics that make them resistant to weather, disease and pests make them tough to cut — and tough on your machine.

Add to this the challenge of high lignin residue management in minimum-till conditions and you may find that traditional disk harrow blades aren’t always the best choice for optimum tillage efficiency. In fact, any savings gained from buying lower-cost, will-fit disk blades are often wiped out by faster wear, more breakage and subpar performance that quickly translates into higher fuel consumption.

On the other hand, sharper, premium-quality blades can slice tough crop residues cleanly and easily, especially in damp or high-residue conditions, so your tractor can work the fields more efficiently due to lower draft loads. 

Tillage parts from Case IH are built based on Agronomic Design principles to help you create a better growing environment for every seed. That’s why Case IH vertical tillage equipment is the fast and efficient way to cover many acres, manage even the toughest crop residue and level the soil.

The secret to this performance lies in Earth Metal® disk blades. Earth Metal is composed of 12 unique earth alloys, including boron. The alloys encapsulate sulfur impurities known as sulfide stringers, creating a honeycomb appearance under a microscope. This structure improves strength, structural rigidity and elasticity. You’ll find Earth Metal blades on two rugged vertical tillage options to deliver the soil consistency needed for uniform germination, rapid emergence and increased yield:

  • True-Tandem 335 VT: Whether slicing through tough residue or uprooting root balls, the True-Tandem 335VT vertical tillage tool helps you level the soil to create the optimal seedbed for the next growing season. Two Earth Metal 20-inch VT wave blade options — including a new longer-edge-life, 20-inch, 5 mm thick blade option — are right-sized to penetrate hard soils, break through surface compaction and properly mix residue and nutrients. The rugged blades work to eliminate large clods that would otherwise cause your planter row unit to bounce, leading to inconsistent seed placement and uneven emergence.
  • True-Tandem 335 Barracuda: The True-Tandem 335 Barracuda effectively sizes and incorporates even the most stubborn crop residue to shatter through soil compaction and properly mix air, water and nutrients. This leaves behind a blacker surface finish than other vertical tillage tools, creating ideal soil tilth — the amount of pore space needed in the soil for good air and water exchange. This is the key to higher crop yields and is especially necessary during drought periods. The rugged design of the True-Tandem 335 Barracuda is built for reliability at high speeds, and the aggressive 22-inch serrated blades cut residue up to 4 inches deep to break up hard, dry soils.


VIDEO: Superior Design of Earth Metal

Earth Metal Slices Through Tillage Headaches

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