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“Rural America Live” Hosts Case IH Experts

Case IH experts on the “Rural America Live” set with Mark Oppold, where they answered questions about livestock equipment.

Case IH experts recently joined RFD-TV’s Mark Oppold on “Rural America Live” to talk tractors, hay tools and the Case IH Spring Sales Event. Case IH panelists included Zach Hetterick, Livestock Marketing Manager; Cole Carling, Hay & Forage Marketing Manager; and Brett DeVries, Livestock Product Specialists. They answered viewers questions live on the air. Here are some examples:

Q: It is getting more popular to use discbine, whether they be pull-behind or self propelled, for chopping corn stalks. Would you recommend that or not?

A: Corn stalks, whether it be for bailing or cutting, are going to be a little bit harder on a machine than a traditional grass or hay crop, but we do have customers using both pull-behind and self-propelled to do stalks.

Q: Does your hay baler work with every brand of tractor?

A: The Case IH baler is made to go on every tractor. There, of course, are always things you’re going to want to consider, including minimum horsepower requirements and having at least one set of remotes. We do have some new technology in our RB565 with ISOBUS. If you have an ISOBUS machine and you have a Case IH Magnum™ or Puma® tractor, you can run the baler monitor in the cab with the Case IH AFS Pro 700. A second monitor is not required. Another option is our universal display that can go in any tractor.

Q: We are looking to upgrade our tractor. We grow 200 acres of corn and also hay, producing round bales. We run 1,000 RPMs PTO on our corn planter, which is a 900 Case IH planter. We have a 2005 JX95 and are looking to upgrade. What tractor would you recommend?

A: The direct replacement for the 95 is the new Farmall® 95C. It has a standard 540 1,000 PTO from the factory. Other options are the 105 or the 115 C, and that’s actually what I would recommend. If you include the wet clutch and power shuttle, it would be a terrific replacement.

Do you have questions for our experts? Share them below! Or, contact your local Case IH dealer. If you’re seeking a utility tractor and not sure which Case IH tractor fits your needs, check out the Right Red Tractor tool to help determine the right one for you.

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  • jerome shumate6.2.2014 Reply

    Is there we can retro fit our 400HD Steiger with active cab suspion.

    • Case IH6.11.2014

      Thank you for your question. The Steiger mainframe is uniquely designed for the exclusive four-point cab suspension system. Therefore, the Steiger four-point cab suspension cannot be retrofitted to an existing tractor that was not ordered from the factory with cab suspension.

  • RoseMarie Beck9.6.2015 Reply

    I want to enter for a chance to win a Case IH gas grill

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