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Save Time Next Spring With Fall Sprayer Maintenance

The Case IH Patriot® sprayer is designed to deliver the right rate and droplet size across the boom and field.

Taking good care of equipment in fall before putting it away can provide a strong start next spring. Mark Burns, Marketing Manager, Application Equipment with Case IH, shares a checklist for taking care of your sprayer this fall. Here are his tips:

  • Fill the diesel fuel tank and add fuel conditioner. The conditioner will stabilize the fuel for extended storage periods, and a full tank minimizes condensation. Also, drain the DEF tank if applicable.
  • Change engine oil and other lubricants. Follow the operator’s manual guidelines for appropriate fluid and filter changes.
  • Clean the product system flowmeter and perform a spray system calibration. This ensures the product being applied matches the desired application rate.
  • Check spray tips for wear and replace as necessary.
  • Winterize the product system plumbing. Thoroughly flush the entire product system, including fence row nozzles and foam marker systems, if equipped. Run RV antifreeze through the system to eliminate the possibility of freezing. Do not use liquid fertilizer, which can cause corrosion.
  • Clean and wash the entire sprayer to remove dirt, debris, oil, grease, chemicals and fertilizer.
  • Charge batteries, and remove and store them in a safe area.
  • Remove rate controllers and electronic displays. Cold weather storage can cause issues with display screens.
  • Lubricate exposed areas, such as hydraulic cylinder rods, to minimize corrosion.

Performing these tasks prior to storage can save time in spring when taking the unit out of storage. They support consistent, accurate application and reliability all season. They also enhance machine appearance and maximize resale value when it comes time to trade.

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