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SCR Technology Delivers Power And Efficiency

Case IH SCR technology delivers fuel efficiency without sacrificing power.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a tractor, combine or sprayer, you’ll find industry-leading Case IH Efficient Power engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology across our high-horsepower lineup. Let’s take a look at some of the ways SCR innovations can improve your operation.

Nearly 10 years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Canadian Environmental Protection Agency implemented the first off-highway diesel emissions standards. Those Tier 1 regulations continued to strengthen until they culminated with Tier 4 B/Final standards in 2014.​

Even as emission requirements tightened, your production challenges and operational demands remained unchanged. Case IH recognized you would continue to need equipment that not only would meet the stringent emissions standards, but also would deliver the power and performance you expect. From day one, Case IH approached the challenge as an opportunity to increase performance and productivity while also preserving and improving the global environment.​​​

What is SCR?

SCR is a simple system that maximizes engine power and treats exhaust gases with a second fluid to eliminate pollutants. Some of the advantages Case IH SCR technology delivers include:

More power. Engines are tuned for maximum horsepower, without compromising efficiency for emissions, resulting in better performance.

Fuel economy. Fine-tuning the combustion process and eliminating exhaust gas recirculation (an alternative offered by some manufacturers) provide substantial improvement in fuel efficiency.

Reliability and durability. Greater durability, increased reliability and lengthened service intervals are all achieved by eliminating the recirculation of exhaust gas contaminants back into the engine. There’s no particulate filter to clean and no regeneration required.

Although there are other emission-management options, Case IH believes SCR is the most efficient way to meet EPA standards for agricultural applications.

Results released last year by the University of Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory prove that the exclusive Case IH SCR-only emissions system provides the most power and the best fuel and fluid efficiency in Steiger-class tractors. In fact, two of our Steiger® series tractors set new records for maximum and reduced drawbar horsepower fuel efficiency, outperforming all other comparable competitive models.

But the real proof is on the farm and in the field. Today, more than 53,000 Case IH SCR-only engines, with over 25 million operating hours in North America, bear out the same thing: SCR is simply the most efficient and most powerful diesel emissions-control technology there is. And you’ll find it in all our high-horsepower equipment — from tractors to combines to sprayers.​​​​​​​​​​​ Talk with your local Case IH dealer about how our industry-leading emission technology can improve equipment efficiency across your operation.

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