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SCR Technology: Powerful, Simple, Smart and Proven

Recently, we told you about the exclusive Case IH Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. We continue that discussion in this guest blog by David Stark, Case IH North American Sales and Product Trainer. Stark discusses more of the benefits of SCR-only technology.

As Leo Bose, Case IH North American Commercial Training Manager, explained, Case IH is the only company to meet 2014 Tier 4 B/Final engine emissions standards using SCR-only technology in high-horsepower agricultural applications. Cool-running and quiet, SCR is an engine exhaust aftertreatment system that works outside the engine in the exhaust system. Rather than interfere with engine performance, it actually improves it. Case IH Tier 4B technology will not require regeneration of particulate filters or any Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology for our high-horsepower equipment.

Case IH SCR-only systems have been found to have a number of benefits besides simplicity and superior emissions reduction. Our operators are giving us high marks all around: Increased fuel efficiency, ease of operation and superior horsepower make great arguments for staying loyal to Case IH. In fact, our SCR technology is attracting converts, too, because it is:

Powerful: Case IH FPT engines, designed by FPT Industrial and Case IH, deliver power and responsiveness for the most demanding agricultural applications. The SCR technology, used to treat exhaust emissions, allows the engine to be tuned to produce maximum, uncompromised performance.

Simple: In engineering, simplicity is what often makes one idea more effective than another. Case IH SCR technology works separately from our engines, so engines can do what they do best, and our SCR system does the rest to meet regulations. You get easier maintenance and longer service intervals.

Smart: Sometimes, the best way to make money is simply making sure you don’t spend more than is absolutely necessary. Case IH FPT engines produce more horsepower with less diesel fuel while also extending service intervals to save on time and materials. All in all, it’s a smart choice.

Proven: In fields in North America and around the world, the performance of Case IH FPT diesel engines speaks for itself. The proof is in the 13,000 SCR-only engines at work in North America today, which have logged more than three million hours in the field. It’s Efficient Power operation from a proven global leader that consistently sets industry standards.

Thirteen-thousand-plus tractors, combines, sprayers and floaters; thousands of users; millions of hours in the field; and 240,000 SCR engines around the world all prove the same thing: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is simply the most efficient and most powerful diesel emissions-control technology.

Case IH is committed to helping our customers Be Ready with superior efficiency and performance. To learn more about Case IH SCR-only technology, visit or see your local dealer.

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  • George Blything9.21.2012 Reply

    I’m in love with my case products I bought a tier 3 puma 180 and I didn’t think it got much better than that for performance and efficiency but iv trailed a new tier 4b 185 and it’s simply amazing, so much so that iv now bought 2 new tier 4b puma cvx 230’s and me and the fleet couldn’t be happier !

  • barry10.2.2012 Reply

    has anyone had experience with the scr engines in the patriot 4430 sprayer? What has the adblue usage been like?

    • CASE IH10.4.2012

      From our Sprayer Marketing Team: DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) consumption on the Patriot 4430 sprayer is dependent on several variables including diesel fuel consumption, load and humidity. Based on initial product testing prior to launch and also customer feedback, typical DEF usage falls within the Case IH published data of 3-6% of diesel fuel consumption. Typically most customers top off the DEF tank with every other fuel fill.

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