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See How Case IH Track Technology Has Evolved

The original Steiger® Quadtrac® tractor set the bar for continued innovation and track technology leadership.

In the late 1980s, more producers began equipping their high-horsepower tractors with duals and triples to more effectively put power to the ground. The wide tractors made traveling down the road difficult, causing some to wonder if there was a better way.

The Case IH solution was an articulated four-track system — the first Steiger® Quadtrac® tractor.

If you’ve visited the Case IH page on Facebook this week, you’re already familiar with Steiger Marketing Manager Mitch Kaiser. He was there at the launch of the first Quadtrac, and he’s here today to share the Quadtrac legacy of innovation.

“In 1992, we debuted the concept at the Farm Progress Show in Columbus, Indiana,” Kaiser said. “It was an immediate hit with farmers who drove the tractor.”

Not quite ready to launch this technology that would change the industry, Case IH continued to test and refine the Quadtrac tractor. Following customer focus groups, engineers created a new driveline and exclusive undercarriage system to handle the power and torque of tracks.

“In addition to putting more power to the ground, producers found that the Quadtrac had an excellent ride with oscillating tracks, leaving no berms. It also eliminated power hop and improved traction,” Kaiser said. These are the same benefits Quadtrac tractors are known for today, he added.

Continued innovation

In 1996, Case IH launched the first Steiger Quadtrac model, the Model Year 1997 9370 Steiger Quadtrac. Building on nearly two decades of leadership, field-proven Case IH track technology is now incorporated across multiple product lines, including seven Steiger Quadtrac models, Steiger Rowtrac™ tractors, Axial-Flow® combines and, most recently, Magnum™ Rowtrac tractors.

Today’s lineup includes a track model for any application, any width and any cropping need. And it all started with the Steiger Quadtrac.

  • 1997 — 9370 Steiger Quadtrac
  • 2000 — STX 440
  • 2005 — STX 500
  • 2009 — Axial-Flow combine 20 series
  • 2011 — Steiger 600 Quadtrac
  • 2013 — Steiger 370 Rowtrac
  • 2014 — Steiger 500 Rowtrac
  • 2015 — Magnum Rowtrac

2016 Steiger Quadtrac series upgrades

As the track lineup expanded, the original Quadtrac design has been continually updated. According to Kaiser, Model Year 2016 Quadtrac models set the bar even higher for performance, operator experience and bottom-line improvements. This includes 20 percent faster shifting transmission speeds, boosting horsepower savings by 2 to 5 percent. And thanks to a greater range of factory-installed LED lighting packages and added foot rest pegs, operators can tackle long days in comfort.

“An advanced steering system and automatic differential lock provide greater control with less input, and automatic line acquisition adds to the Steiger guidance system for precise end-of-row turns with less overlap,” Kaiser added. “Plus, new split-wide electric mirrors improve rear visibility, especially when transporting wide implements.”

We don’t follow in anyone else’s tracks — and neither should you. To learn more about the complete lineup of Case IH track equipment, including the true Steiger Quadtrac tractor, visit your Case IH dealer or

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