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Seven Billion and Growing

According to the United Nations, today is the day.  Our population will reach 7 billion.

And, while most of us are blessed to have a bountiful food supply – and even a healthy stash of treats on this Halloween day – this population milestone has many asking what it will take to meet the needs of a population that is growing by an estimated 200,000 people each day.

Among the consequences of population growth, of course, is the challenge of feeding more people with a decreasing amount of farmland per capita.

We believe new technology that creates value for farmers, for the soil and our environmental resources is going to be even more critical in the future. Case IH is committed to doing this and helping our customers adopt new technology that will optimize value for them and also help meet this challenge.

Each of us is only one of 7 billion people on earth. That is hard to imagine. But, the choices we make, especially as people involved in food production, will impact the lives of many more to come. Please share your thoughts on this milestone with all of us.

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