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Shifting Crop Patterns and Practices

The past two posts in our agronomic challenges series have discussed soil compaction and crop residue. In our last installment with Case IH experts and moderator Jim Patrico, senior editor of DTN/The Progressive Farmer, who were at this year’s AG CONNECT Expo, we learn about managing risks associated with shifting crop patterns and practices. How are you managing risk on your operation?

This video features Ryan Schaefer, Case IH High Horsepower Tractors Marketing Manager; Mark Burns, Case IH Sprayers Marketing Manager; and Bill Hoeg, Case IH Planters Marketing Manager. These industry experts talk about how Case IH helps you Be Ready to mitigate the multitude of risks you face each season.

Main points from their discussion:

  • There has been a shift in implements that customers  want
  • While weather patterns change from year to year, we face the same weather challenges as our fathers and grandfathers
  • Shorter-maturity corn makes the window of opportunity smaller
  • Value of crop has changed our ability and willingness to manage risk
  • Producers have an increased understanding of agronomy and equipment technology
  • Agronomic Design technologies give producers a wider range of risk management tools
  • Case IH products are built with timeliness and quality in mind
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