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Side Dress Your Crops the Smart Way

Side dressing your corn crop is an efficient way to add nitrogen.

Rain makes grain. But too much winter or spring moisture can rob plants of the nutrients they need to grow and mature. Whether side dress is part of your planned fertility program or a new consideration driven by this year’s weather, choose the best equipment to get the job done right.

Ensuring your corn crop has the nitrogen it needs is among the most important factors that will help your crop reach its full yield potential. But when adding inputs, be sure to pencil it out. This year, your pencil needs to be sharper than ever. Fertilizer application equipment from Case IH features technology to help you realize the greatest returns from your fertilizer investment.

Proper placement. Root-zone banding technology from Case IH places nutrients deep in the root zone, where they are more readily available to plants during the growing season. Our toolbars feature flexible wings that follow the ground contour for even greater accuracy. The hydraulic system on the Case IH Nutri-Placer 920 and Nutri-Placer 2800 models provides active down pressure and single-point depth control.

Durability. Our rugged, heavy-duty frame — with its engineered, rounded gussets placed according to detailed stress analysis — is designed for increased toolbar strength. Other features make it convenient to operate:

  • Forward-mounted applicator frame for easy viewing of applicator
  • High underframe clearance for residue flow
  • Simple, reliable rear hitch hookup
  • Self-lubricating, composite bushings on all wing pivots for long life and less maintenance
  • Customizable with high-clearance shanks, independent, pivoting coulters and models featuring 15 or 30 in row spacing or flexible coulter spacing

    Root-zone banding technology makes your fertilizer investment count.

    Root-zone banding technology makes your fertilizer investment count.

Tank options. Choose a tank that meets your individual needs. Capacities range from 850 to 2,050 gallons. We mount our tanks lengthwise for excellent operator visibility and center them over frame for greater stability. Our tanks are balanced to provide a constant tongue weight whether full or empty. And a 2- or 3-inch tank fill — depending on the model — makes for quick loading.

Stewardship commitment. Like you, Case IH understands the importance of caring for our natural resources. We are a proud partner of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative. The 4Rs promote best management practices (BMPs) to achieve cropping system goals while minimizing field nutrient loss and maximizing crop uptake.

Side dressing corn is an efficient way to apply nitrogen. Your crop consultant or agronomist can help you evaluate your crop’s nutrient needs early in the growing season. Then visit your Case IH dealer to learn more about our full line of fertilizer application equipment.

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