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Slice Through This Spring’s Seed Bed Challenges

True-Tandem™ 345 disk harrows can help you break up tough crop residue this spring.

If you expect you’ll be up against some especially tough field conditions this spring, consider a new tillage tool or an upgrade to an existing one. But make sure you get the right one for the job.

Last year’s record crop and the sudden arrival of winter, which combined to put an early end to fall field work, left a hefty layer of crop residue covering many fields. When you factor in the lack of winter moisture to aid the breakdown of that residue,

We all strive to provide the best seed bed possible. But it’s also critical to remove barriers, such as cloddy, crusty soils or large pieces or dense layers of crop residue. This helps ensure uniform soil warming and better seed-to-soil contact. The result is a crop that emerges quickly and uniformly and has the best chance to reach its full yield potential.

Vertical tillage helps break up crop residue and mix it with the soil so it can begin to break down. The Case IH lineup of True-Tandem disk harrows provides options suited to nearly any field situation. Consider these advantages of true-tandem technology from Case IH:

  • Straight, easy pulling and maximum pass coverage
  • Ideal for primary tillage, seed bed preparation or chemical incorporation
  • Durable, low-maintenance disks
  • Available with rigid-frame or cushion gang mounts
  • Even-out, even-in design for straight pulling and level output — especially on rolling ground
  • Increased durability of earth metal blades

Your Case IH dealer can help you evaluate each of our True-Tandem disk harrows, along with available harrow and rolling-basket options. Meanwhile, here’s an overview:

True-Tandem 330 Turbo/True-Tandem 335 VT. Till up the remains of your most recent crop, and prepare the soil terrain. Each of these options provides a fast and efficient way to cover many acres, manage crop residue and level the soil in spring or fall.

True-Tandem 340/True-Tandem 370 disk harrows. The True-Tandem 340 and 370 disk harrows provide the Case IH True-Tandem advantage. Each model is available with harrow options that help you properly distribute residue, size clods and firm the seed zone to achieve the desired field finish. A three-bar coil tine harrow provides excellent leveling and crop residue flow, along with adjustable tine angle and down pressure. The three-bar spike harrow provides optimum clod sizing and produces a better finish in clay soil.

True-Tandem 345 disk harrow. The unique symmetrical design of the True-Tandem 345 offers easy pulling and high-performance seed bed preparation, even in the roughest of fields. The 345 slices through tough crop residue, partially mixes it with soil and anchors it to the soil. Front and rear sets of blades are indexed exactly to create a smooth seed bed. The factory-set 18-degree blade angle is perfect for a superior finish. The angle matches with the blade concavity to leave a level seed bed and virtually no horizontal compaction layer.

Producing the best crop possible always is the goal — whether prices are up or down. And that starts when the seed hits the soil. Talk with your Case IH dealer about how choosing the right tillage tool can give you the best chance at achieving your goals.

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