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Spotlighting Features of Precision Disk Drills

Whether you’re planting soybeans into corn stalk residue, rice into a stale seedbed, canola or winter wheat, the Precision Disk single-disk air drills provide Agronomic Design benefits, increased productivity and greater versatility to help your bottom line and make every seed count.    

Dale Simpson, Case IH Seeding Products Marketing Manager, points out the newly redesigned features of the Precision Disk 500T in this video. The drills feature a completely new parallel-link row unit, designed to help you achieve even emergence and improved plant stand establishment. With accurate seed placement and easily adjustable depth control across varying soil and tillage conditions, you see more consistent seed-to-soil contact. Single-bevel 18-inch disks slice through residue and open a uniform seed trench, while hydraulic down pressure across the full width of the drill maintains pressure for consistent seedbed conditions regardless of changing field conditions.

Productivity enhancements include increased operating speeds and quicker cycle times when moving from field to field. The three meter-roller options provide seeding flexibility and accurate metering across a wide range of crops. Single, easy-to-reach “T” handles lock in seeding depth with one adjustment.


The Precision Disk 500T drills include an integral mounted seed tank, which makes them the first air drills in the Case IH lineup to have an on-board bulk seed tank. They are available in 70-bushel capacity for the 25- and 30-foot sizes, and the 40-foot size comes with a 100-bushel tank.

The Precision Disk 500 drills are available in 30- and 40-foot working widths. They use an external seed supply air cart in either tow-between or tow-behind configurations, making them popular for operations looking for higher capacity as well as those seeking the ability to apply a dry fertilizer product with seed.

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