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State-of-the-Art Draper and Corn Heads

At the 2013 Farm Progress Show, Case IH introduced the new lineup of combine draper heads and corn heads, resulting from a $60 million investment in manufacturing improvements, research and development.

Reengineered with Agronomic DesignSM principles to operate at higher speeds, produce maximum yields and provide the best grain quality, the new headers are bringing even more productivity to Case IH harvest equipment.

The draper heads are built for one thing: putting more grain in your tank. The draper design allows you to harvest more acres in a day with less susceptibility to crop moisture, providing superior crop feeding. Narrow dividers reduce crop knockdown, and the exclusive CentraCut™ knife drive not only improves performance across the cutterbar, but also minimizes cutterbar vibration. Five widths are available, from 25 feet to 45 feet. These draper heads also offer an industry-exclusive in-cab deployment mechanism for low-speed transport, so you won’t need a header cart when you’re ready to move to another field.

The new corn headers are designed to pick more corn at higher speeds.

The new corn headers are designed to pick more corn at higher speeds.

The new corn heads are designed to save every kernel possible and move through your fields more quickly. Patented corn saver louvers keep kernels in, and heavy-duty drives and high-capacity gathering chains ensure even feeding and improved performance. And at the end of the day, service and maintenance are simpler, too, with new poly dividers. That not only saves you money, but also time.

These headers are more efficient than ever at picking up down corn, and they are built for superior crop feeding and stalk processing. A heavy-duty frame stands up to the stress of high-speed harvesting. In the end, you’re left with more corn and evenly distributed field residue to help promote soil productivity, optimizing the planting environment for the following spring.

Learn more about the new combine draper and corn heads by watching this video, visiting the Case IH website or through your local Case IH dealer.

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