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Survey Reflects Need for Clarity on Data

Case IH is working hard to simplify and clarify farm management data usage and ownership.

It’s tough to understand something that’s tough to understand. So it’s no surprise that a new producer survey confirms widespread confusion about sharing and using farm data. Case IH is leading industry efforts to remove the complexity from data security and sharing.

The survey, sponsored by Case IH, identifies challenges for producers looking to use farm management data without compromising the security of their operation. And we know how popular data systems are; of those surveyed, 76 percent said they are using one. Yet a simple misunderstanding about user agreements can suggest a level of security that producers might not actually have.

The survey, conducted in January 2015, revealed:

  • 21 percent of respondents believe either their supplier owns the data or they don’t know who owns the data.
  • Less than half (45 percent) of respondents claim to have agreements limiting the amount of data providers can share.
  • There is a lack of understanding about user agreement terminology and how agreements define the rights of each producer.
  • Producers are concerned or are unclear about their ability to share data among brands of equipment.
  • Producers are confused over the impact if they decide not to share data with their present provider.

Much of the misunderstanding and confusion about data security, ownership and sharing stem from three areas, the survey confirms:

  • Complex user agreements and user agreement terminology
  • Inconsistent terminology and usage within the industry, specifically the meaning of “machine data,” “personal data” and “agronomic data”
  • Lack of transparency

Case IH is actively working to address and alleviate each of these concerns:

  • Case IH continuously strives to clarify and simplify the usage agreement for AFS Connect.
  • As a founding member of the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), Case IH adheres to the organization’s standards of data privacy, use and interoperability for the entire agriculture industry. OADA standards make it easy to analyze and share mixed-fleet data and to keep fleet and maintenance management systems up to date and interconnected as fleets change.
  • Case IH is committed to transparency and encourages producers to review and ask questions about the user agreement before they sign up with any provider.

Case IH believes it’s important that producers understand all aspects, limitations and provisions for data usage and sharing. This survey helps establish a benchmark that the industry can work to raise. Case IH will continue to keep you apprised of its progress.

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