Winter Planning With AFS Connect

With this year’s harvest wrapping up and winter preparations underway, now is the time to plan for next year. AFS Connect gives you access to crucial data across your operation. As a farmer, you know which of your fields yield the best results – now learn why.

How Can AFS Connect Help You Post-Harvest?

As the temperature gets colder and winter quickly approaches, it’s important that you optimize each post-harvest field pass in order to set yourself up for success next growing season. You can’t make the days longer, but you can use the latest technology to use your data to make sure your operation is optimized for maximum…

Connect Your Fleet With AFS AccuSync

From planting to harvest, every part of your operation is connected. Shouldn’t your equipment be, too? Welcome to AFS AccuSync™: technology from Case IH that allows you to easily share real-time data between multiple pieces of equipment in the same field for a fully connected operation and increased productivity.  

Digging Into Agronomic Research: Tillage Prescriptions Drive Productivity

How can tillage prescriptions drive efficiency on the farm? To find out, our team of Case IH research agronomists took to the fields to test out AFS Soil Command™ tillage prescription technology and how it impacts field prep productivity. Read on to learn about their results — we think you’ll be impressed: