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Agronomic Design Principles: Crop Protection

Categories: Agronomic Design

In the fifth installment of our Agronomic Design principles blog series, we’re talking about pesticide and herbicide resistance.

What are you doing on your farm to try to reduce pesticide and herbicide resistance? (more…)

The new Patriot® 3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more power and more options, building on the strong Patriot heritage. In this video, Mark Burns, Case IH Application Equipment Marketing Manager, gives an overview of the new models. (more…)

This spring’s wet conditions have made getting into fields a challenge. We’ve seen some of the latest planting dates in history, and the cool, wet weather has resulted in prime growing conditions for weeds. Conditions for spraying those weeds and applying fertilizer have been less than ideal. What challenges have you faced with spraying this spring?  (more…)

Tips to Minimize Sprayer Drift

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this new series. In his third guest blog post in the series, Mark gives tips to minimize sprayer drift. His insights help you Be Ready throughout the growing season.  (more…)