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Field conditions and markets are unpredictable, so it’s important to have equipment that maximizes your efficiency and savings. To that end, Case IH is introducing the innovative Precision Disk 500 double shoot (DS) air drill, which allows you to seed and fertilize simultaneously in one pass.


The Case IH air drill product line continues to deliver on productivity and agronomics with enhancements in 2018. From performance to precision and from durability to convenience, these advancements deliver high-efficiency seeding.


From cereal grains to oilseeds to cover crops, you expect every seed you plant to reach its full genetic potential. Case IH Precision Disk air drills hit all the agronomic benchmarks that deliver top yields.


Seeding windows are tight for winter wheat — about three weeks in most regions. The same goes for cover crops or forages for late-season grazing. It’s a good idea to prepare your seeding equipment now before fall work inches up your priority list.


Air drills long have been the seeding implement of choice among no-till farmers. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology and Case IH Agronomic Design, today’s air seeders help deliver optimal yield potential from every seed, regardless of crop.


We’ve all seen the pictures of field-ready seeding equipment dusted with — and occasionally buried in — snow. Those reminders raise the question: Is there a planting season more volatile than spring in spring wheat country? (more…)

500T Air Drill Delivers Seeding Simplicity

Whether or not your final seed orders are in the books, your mind is likely already wandering to next planting season. Among the list of considerations are equipment upgrades. Coming off a successful planting of winter wheat and rye, Wes Statz of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, joins us to talk about his experience with the Precision Disk 500T air drill. (more…)

This planting season has been a welcome change across the northern Plains. With fewer weather challenges compared with the last two years, farmers have made good headway on spring wheat, sugarbeets and other crops. Timely maintenance can help ensure the rest of the season goes smoothly. (more…)

Establishing a Good Cover Crop

The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy released a report in May 2013 that lists annual cover crops as the most influential practice for reducing nitrogen loss from fields that are in continuous row crop production. (more…)

Growers continually balance eight key agronomic needs: timeliness, crop residue management, soil tilth, seed bed conditions, seed placement accuracy, plant food availability, crop protection and harvest quality. This post is the first in a series that offers insights on some of these specific needs. This first post addresses seed placement accuracy. (more…)