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Tap Into Your Farm’s Precision Data

Your precision farming data can help you make better decisions for 2016 and beyond.

The crop is in the bin. You’ve collected a season’s worth of data. Now what? It’s time to put that new information to work helping you make better decisions.

Wading through a digital mountain of precision farming data can seem daunting. But interpreting and analyzing that data is critical to decision-making in today’s agriculture. Putting the best available software and hardware technology to work can help to make the process more efficient. Because, even with harvest wrapping up, you’ve got plenty to do.

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) from Case IH includes a single software suite that helps you maximize the value of your AFS technology. With it, you can:

  • Manage data from multiple sources, including the AFS Pro 700 display, your crop consultant, your ag retailer or other suppliers.
  • Analyze data at various layers and across several years to help target areas for improvement.
  • Utilize your data to make better decisions about tillage, fertility, seed selection and other inputs.

AFS software also allows you to view your precision farming data. It offers the flexibility and analysis power to support your individual operation’s precision farming needs. Use it to generate yield maps and prescription maps and to create soil sampling maps. You can create and print reports and import satellite imagery. With all that information in hand, you can work with your crop consultant, ag retailer, seed supplier or other advisers to develop a plan for next year and longer term.

Here to help

Case IH designed AFS to be less complex and more user-friendly. That doesn’t mean you should expect a reduced level of support. Case IH AFS Certified Dealers have a trained AFS sales specialist on staff to help you optimize your farm. The AFS Support Center provides access to service and support for all your AFS products, while also coordinating with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer. You can talk with AFS support engineers or set up an online account in which you can open service tickets or transfer display files around the clock, year-round.

You’re likely already making decisions about, and possibly applying, fertilizer. Seed-buying season seems to arrive earlier every year. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how to put your precision farming data to work. You’ll be able to take advantage of input price swings and early season discounts. Most important, you’ll feel confident in your decisions.

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