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Tech-out Your Planter Precisely How You Want

Case IH and Precision Planting put you in control of planter technology by helping you upgrade your equipment to the level that makes sense for your operation.

The work your planter does this spring will have a big impact on how hard your combine works next fall. Sure, there are limitless factors that will help determine your crops’ yield, but setting them up for success is critical. And upgrading your planter technology is a great place to start.

There’s great satisfaction in raising row after row of consistently spaced plants growing at the same height and stage. That starts when the seed goes in the ground. And it’s a pretty tall order: Proper planting depth; uniform soil pressure all around the seed; and good soil-to-seed contact help ensure each plant achieves the kind of fast start it needs to realize its full yield potential.

Through our partnership with Precision Planting®, Case IH gives you the ability to combine our Early Riser® planter — and its best-in-the-industry row unit — with the latest technology from Precision Planting. Best of all, we give you the flexibility to customize your planter precisely how you want.

New Precision Planting-ready Early Riser 1255 planters arrive at the dealership ready to accept the Precision Planting components. Your Case IH dealer can help customize your Early Riser planter to your specifications with the technology you decide will help meet your individual goals. You don’t have to buy any more or any less than you want. That goes for used equipment, too. If you already own a Case IH planter, you can obtain the Precision Planting parts through the parts department at your Case IH dealership.


And you can count on those dealerships for outstanding support. Each Case IH dealership offering Precision Planting technology must meet high standards, including: Maintaining certification for Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS); having two Precision Planting certified representatives on staff; and having a MeterMax test stand for row unit meter calibrations.

You still have time to take advantage of agronomic design and customize your new or existing Case IH planters for the 2015 planting season. Contact your local Case IH dealership to learn more. Then, you’d better start getting your combine in shape.

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