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Tech Tips: Get More From AIM Command FLEX


You can’t control your crops’ growing conditions, but you can improve the conditions in which they grow. AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology helps you protect your crops more precisely and efficiently than ever.

Watch the video to learn how and then read on for tips about getting the most from the ultimate sprayer control.

Using pulse width modulation technology, AIM Command FLEX enhances the productivity of your Patriot® series sprayer by controlling product flow and pressure more precisely than conventional rate controllers for more efficient use of crop protection products. AIM Command FLEX also:

  • Adds flexibility to product application with preset spray rates to accommodate sprayer wheel tracks, fencerows and other uneven field conditions.
  • Operates 36 separate boom sections, allowing more precise control across the boom and throughout the field.
  • Maintains consistent application rate over a wider range of speeds.
  • Controls drift on demand by allowing you to preset two spray pressures and toggle between them while spraying.
  • Compensates for turns by automatically adjusting rates across the boom.
  • Can be upgraded to allow on-off control of individual nozzles through the Case IH Viper 4+ controller.

How-to know-how

To maximize the return on your technology investment — and, ultimately, your crop protection investment — it’s important to Case IH that you tap into all the features and benefits AIM Command FLEX can bring to your operation. So, we created a video series designed to help you set up and operate the advanced spray technology. With topics ranging from setting pressure to calibration and from nozzle control to adjusting application rates, these videos walk you through the proper steps of using the AFS Pro 700 display or Case IH Viper+ 4 controller.

Judicious use of crop protection products always is the right thing to do. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how AIM Command FLEX can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Patriot sprayer and your crop protection program.


AIM Command Flex gives you unmatched spray control

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

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