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Telematics Allow for Remote Data Capture to Improve Efficiency

We wrap-up our series on hay production with guest blogger Kevin Shinners, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who can help you  gain insight and Be Ready for the upcoming growing season. Here he shares his thoughts on new telematics technology and how it can help improve efficiencies on-farm.

Imagine sitting at your desk, looking at your computer and seeing where a forage harvester is located in your field, so you can – at the right time – dispatch another truck or crew.

It may seem a little far-fetched, but it’s happening today. With telematics, farmers can remotely capture data from harvesters and tractors. The technology improves harvesting efficiency, and can also help reduce costs. Fuel use and tonnage in each field can be tracked, and farmers can get a handle on costs, figure out where there are inefficiencies and determine how to overcome problems.

With a baler weight system, you can monitor and control bale density, shape, weight and length, all from the cab. The moisture content in each bale can be monitored, so you know exactly what you’re putting up. With telematics, you’ll also be able to direct all that information to an office computer, along with real-time information about how equipment is operating, fuel usage, engine speed, etc.

Thank you, Dr. Shinners, for your insight on the use of telematics technology to optimize efficiency.

Would you like to own a baler with telematic technology? What about it would make your operation more efficient? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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