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Tell Us About Your Dad, Win a $50 Reward Card

Case IH is offering a contest to win a $50 reward card for sharing advice from dad.

With Father’s Day just a few weeks away, many of us are now thinking about and shopping for the men who have shaped our lives.

How has your dad helped you Be Ready for life’s challenges?

Preparing you to take on life’s challenges is what dads do best. Case IH wants to hear about what advice your dad has given to keep you ready for anything.

Submit your entry here, along with a photo of your dad in front of his favorite piece of Case IH equipment, and you will be entered to win a $50 Case IH reward card. The winning entry photo could be used as the cover photo on the Case IH Facebook page for Father’s Day.


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  • David Foster6.6.2014 Reply

    My father taught me a man is only as good as the word that he keeps. If you tell someone that you will do something you do it no matter what the cost. If you are responsibil for anything animals kids or anything it is yours to care for not someone else. You always treat a lady like a lady and treat them as kind as you would your own mother. Never allow the weak to lose just because they are week. Alway feed those that are hungry. Treat all men as the same way you want to be treated. Give God glory for all thing and alway give Him,the 1st 10% of everything and be thankful for the 90% He is blessing you with. One of the last things I remember from my dad is be proud to be an American and serve your country and your fellow man proudly.

  • Derrick wright6.7.2014 Reply

    Hi, my name is Derrick wright, I grew up on a small dairy farm in the center of know where always running case Ih. My farther always teaching me things about the tractors and equipment we used around our farm. He thought me everything I know. I’m very happy I’ve got a dad like I do. I know I would be lost without him. Even if it was any kind if equipment!

  • Michelle Voss Minton6.7.2014 Reply

    My Dad started an IH business in Marion Ky in 1975 and I grew up in the business and grew to love that way of life! My Dad passed away in 2002, and is still missed by all the local farmers! He was their mechanic, salesman, local jokester but most of all he was their FRIEND! He was known to many as the man who could fix anything and well known by many. Last year I went back into the agriculture field and have had so many stories told to me nearly daily about the “man” they all knew and respected! He proudly wore the International badge with pride and later in his career the CaseIH! If I end up to be half the person he was and so many loved and respected, I feel like I have made it in life!

  • David Pendergrass6.8.2014 Reply

    My Dad moved houses. A difficult and sometimes dangerous job. I was on the job site with him from the time I was nine months old. I literally grew up working. I’ve seen my Dad wake up in the morning, have my Mom pull him up out of bed, wrap his broken ribs and then work all day. He taught me the value of hard work. I’ve also seen people come by his shop (he was also a welder) and he would work all afternoon and into the night helping a “neighbor” get their equipment or vehicles back in working order. Oftentimes, he wouldn’t take money from them. My Dad, my brother and I cut and split wood any time we had the chance. We, along with our grandmother and lots of our neighbors, burned wood for heat during the winter. Most of it cut and split by my brother and I. All of this was brought home one day when we were visiting my Mom and Dad for Christmas. Dad was sitting in his office softly weeping, tears on his cheeks while looking at photos of earlier times in our lives. I asked him what was wrong. He stated simply, “You never had a childhood. I’m sorry for that. You’ve been working with me all your life.” I said to him, “Dad, let me tell you something. Because of you, I don’t have to depend on anyone for anything in my life. I can change my own oil, work on my own vehicles and do just about anything to a house that needs to be done. Thank you for that. I loved my childhood. I grew up everywhere. I had many different people teach me what they knew. I can drive anything with wheels or tracks. Dad, I had a great childhood. I love you for that.” He cried a bit more (I did too), I hugged his neck and that was that. He taught me so much, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to relay all the life lessons he taught me.

  • Linsey Weenk6.8.2014 Reply

    Hello, my name is Linsey Weenk. My dad (and grandpa) are true legends in my eyes. They always worked hard and made every sacrifice to make sure the farm ran 100% and that his kids were at 100% at whatever they did. My father instilled in me hard work always wins regardless of what field ,pardon the pun, we were in. He always taught us that it wasn’t the color of the machine or how it looked, it was the value of the machine. That’s why we always ran Case, eventually running case Ih , starting from buying old machinery to where they are today, brand new metal . In closing, I live in California now missing my family farm up in Sasakatchewan , but comfortable knowing the big red machines are getting the job done at home. The pic I’m sending is from a few years ago before I persued my Monster Jam career full time racing monster trucks for Lucas Oil in the Lucas Oil Crusader. We were replacing a belt on the motor that supply’s the air to the tank. My wife took the pic and is one I cherish. Thank you d

  • L.A Aguilar6.9.2014 Reply

    My dad is a great friend, hes not just a father to me but also a friend who never give up loving me and my two sisters. He taught me a lesson that had an impact on my life. That lesson brought me here to where I am right now and Hes the reason why I am strong and confident in any challenges in life. He was once like me, he never had any toys like what I have right now and he never experience being a real kid. Well, he had to work to help his parents bills, even though he was the youngest among 7 children. He fought and worked hard for what he wanted and now hes successful and thankful that his hard work is very worth it. I love my dad, I just want to greet every dad or those ones who will become a Dad one day, a happy fathers day!

  • Dan Bochmann6.9.2014 Reply

    My dad has been a IH / Case IH mechanic for 40+ years as well as a farmer. Things I’ve learned Dom him over the years is to be cautious around farm machinery and don’t rush Mother Nature and take pride in your machinery and take care of it.

  • Stephanie Bontrager6.9.2014 Reply

    Mine is my husband, Dannie Bontrager
    who is the father to our amazing little boy. And a he grows he will keep giving him great advice. He always says don’t fear the unknown. Fear can sometimes take over our lives, but there is one thing that is greater than fear. That is faith in God. With him we dont need to fear, but push forward and he will get us through anything. Dannie will continue to be the greatest hard working dad I know. While also guiding our son through challenges in life. With the good book to help us learn ways to guide him!

  • Patrick weller6.9.2014 Reply

    In 1974 my sister was in a bad car accident
    My mom & other sister were with her at the hospital 90 miles away
    It was a week away from wheat harvest , just me and dad
    A 14 foot combine , a single axle wheat truck , and a 11 year old kid….
    That’s what he harvested 600 acres of wheat with….
    Day after day ,week after week, out in the sun , no cab….
    He never showed any weakness….
    He didn’t say much , he didn’t have too
    He gave me advice like ” don’t break that ! ” but the most I learnt ,was from just observing

  • Greg Doyle6.9.2014 Reply

    My dad worked from sun up to sun down, He taught us if there is something worth doing, its worth doing wright. We raised tobacco,corn and cattle. He made a good life for us on a 150 acers in KeKentucky. He taught us to live a simple life. Not to buye anything unless you could pay cash. We never had a lot but we had family and love. Thanks Greg Doyle

  • Dylan Ellers6.9.2014 Reply

    My dad has all farmall to case ih tractors. He loves them , I love them he has 10-20s f-12s f-14s f-20s a super c he loves along with his 1026 and his two 7140s we have a mx 200 and a maxxum 140 we love our cases best tractors out there!!!

  • cody blansett6.9.2014 Reply

    My dads name is Craig. He is a construction plumber and I have the privlage to work for the same company as him. He is the most caring dad you can have. About a year ago we were working on a house and he was under the house tying in plumbing. And ended up having a real stroke at 45 years old. He was out of work for a few weeks and then couldn’t stand not working. He was so stressed with all the medical bills and quickly returned to work despite his health. He is so dedicated to serve our family and will never give up. I love my dad.

  • Dwayne Griffin6.9.2014 Reply

    My Dad taught me to be humble! He said do your best, work hard, and always stay true to yourself and your beliefs! He lived the life of millions of farmers! Beliefs that good will succeed and life will go on! A belief that what he did each day mattered to the security and prosperity of our nation as well as our family! He is a role model from me as well as many that have met him! What more can you ask. When it is all said and done! He is my hero!

  • Thomas Costephens6.10.2014 Reply

    My father has taught me how to live. By that I mean that he showed me how to hunt and fish as a young boy. There was always something special about those quiet evenings spent on a river bank listening to his instructions and stories about his father. He also taught me the importance of hard work. He worked hard growing up and still does today. Watching his dedication to feed his family instilled in me a deep love for him as well as an appreciation of hard work and a job well done. Wether it was driving a tractor, building fence, or working cattle he always taught me something new and useful no matter how many times we did it he always had something new to show me. And last of all he taught me about love. He told me one day “son when your growing up you’ll get your heart broke and it’ll hurt and you’ll lose loved ones but remember you’ll see them again on the streets of gold. And as far as finding your woman don’t worry just be the right man and the right woman will come along”. Powerful words that I’ll always remember…especially when I teach my own son one day.

  • Maxwell Drebenstedt6.10.2014 Reply

    My dad has been through a tough time last year when he lost his job and he was worried about not finding a job and I told him u are a good worker someone will hire u and one of his friends told him that some body needed some help and he got hired. Then his boss told him this guy he owned a sprayer with wanted his hel hen he didn’t need his help or had nothing for him to do so my dad works at United States Gypsum plant and is helping two farmers. Also he manages a 2500 head hog building.And in July he will be managing two 2500 head hog buildings. I love my dad and everything he does. I also love that he lets me go with him all the time with him, I love learning by his side also. He’s the best dad i could ask for! P.S. GO CASE IH!

  • Trey Hudson6.10.2014 Reply

    Hi my name is trey my dad’s name is john. He is a hard working man and had taught me everything I know. He farms 2500 acres is a welder and a truck driver he does a little bit of everything.he works all day and gets you guys the good you need we also have 100 cows he has taught me work think to be polite and that is much needed with all the people that don’t know that in this world

  • Matthew Huff6.11.2014 Reply

    My dad is the best dad there is. He teaches me how to defend myself, to plant crops, and much more! Even though he may be embarrassing and annoying sometimes, I still love him.

  • Autumn Schlieckau6.11.2014 Reply

    Growing up I was always a daddy’s girl. I loved to go help feed the calves, and my favorite thing in the world was to ride in the Steiger with him. He would take me along on parts runs, let me name cows, mix the calve bottles, watch milk the cows, most of these are my fondest memories growing up. I was the little farm girl growing up, and everyone knew me and my family’s last name because of the farm my grandfather and dad had built. As I got older, I had started to rebel against my father, and when tragity struck our family when my grandfather passed away from cancer, we were all left in a haze, me especially. I was close to my grandfather, and I think it hit me the most, and it caused tension between me and my dad. We butted heads up until the day I graduated highschool. Looking back now, I regret putting my father and mother through what I did, as I see now everything they had done for me, especially my dad. No matter how much trouble I got in, he was always there for me, no matter what. After my grandfather passed away, my father took over the smaller farm, and single handedly turned it into one of the biggest operations in our area of the state. I am probably the proudest daughter you will ever meet!

  • jayden6.12.2014 Reply

    Growing up I was always riding in the tractors everywhere he went even if it was from the shop to the house. When I was six he taught me how to drive our case tractor. As I got older he taught me how to drive all our tractors. Ever since I learned how to drive I have been working in the field with my dad. My dad is my biggest hero. He has just bought a new 4wd case tractor and seed drill. P.S. go case ih go

  • Melissa Funderburk6.13.2014 Reply

    I would like to enter my husband Brad Funderburk in the Father’s Day contest he is a sweet potato farmer and also grows soy beans!! He is a Case man thru and thru! We have always depended on Case to help get our crop in field and out! He’s a very deserving man and hard working!! Our new Case Magnum is awesome machine! Big Thanks to Bobby Brown in Bruce, MS!! My husband is great farmer and father!! Already teaching is only little girl all about farming!! She will be a 2nd Generation Sweet Tater Farmer!!

  • Katie Shrewsbury6.13.2014 Reply

    My name is Katie Shrewsbury. My father, Scott Shrewsbury, has taught me all that I know about being ready for life’s challenges. First and for most, he has taught me to trust in the Lord, through Him, all things are possible. Second of all he has taught me to be ready for anything, especially on a farm, you have to expect the unexpected. He has taught me responsibility, problem solving skills, and to have a strong work ethic. My Dad is one of the toughest men I know and he has taught me and my two younger siblings that you get out of something what you put in. In order to be successful you have to work hard and push through no matter what the circumstances. I am blessed to have Scott Shrewsbury as a father. He is a wonderful role model, supporter, and the best Dad that a girl could ask for. This picture attached to this shows my Dad sitting in our Case IH tractor attached to our platner and my brother Jason, checking the field. Thank you.

  • Rachel6.15.2014 Reply

    Hi im Rachel. My dad is a logger he ran sheer for his brother for 10 or so years up until last year when his brother was diagnosed with cancer. They had to lay him off permenantly so my dad started his own bussiness. My dad grew up on a farm and has 7 siblings. He has always been a hard worker providing for his 4 children. Ever since we were little my dad has been teaching us about farming and working on the farm equipment. He used to take us to work with him and show us what he did. I am lucky to have such a great dad. He has taught me so much. Just now im realizing how much my daddy soes for me and i love him hes helped me with alot of my problems. And it hasnt been easy for him, he used to be a fire fighter and he has PTSD. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Rachel Hardwick

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