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Ten Ideas to Get You Ready for Spring

From routine maintenance to taking an online class, staying productive this winter can benefit your farm all year long.

It’s hard to believe when it’s the middle of January and freezing or colder outside, that spring will be here before we know it. Will you Be Ready? Here are some productivity ideas that can help you make the most of the season’s rapidly closing window:

List. We all head into winter with plans to catch up on and accomplish all we want before spring fieldwork. Make a list and prioritize the tasks you want to get done yet this winter. Although you may not complete everything, a list can help you focus and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Purge. Create some needed breathing space or elbow room by sorting through, organizing and clearing out unnecessary items. The shop, your office, the vet fridge and the mudroom all are good places to start.

Learn. Every day on the farm is an education. But how about focusing on a specific area — a new welding skill, a piece of computer software, a marketing strategy — that interests you or could benefit your farm? Check with your Extension service or community college. You can take many classes online.

Experiment. It can be hard to try new ideas, methods or tools during the heat of the growing season. Identify one or two things you’ve been itching to try out on your farm. Research them. Give them a trial run if you can. Decide if they warrant a wider rollout.

Update. It’s important to stay current on federal, state or local licensing requirements. And it’s better to do that now than during the growing season. This is a good time to update computer software and the apps on all your mobile devices, too.

Inventory. Take stock of fluids, filters and frequently used parts. Ensure you have adequate supplies of the animal health products you rely on most.

Restock. You can replenish your shop needs online via the Case IH Genuine Parts Store. Or tap two powerful tools from Case IH — MyShed and the MyShed mobile app. Access both via the Case IH Partstore and build your parts list on the go. Simply set up an account, create your equipment list by make and model, and download the free app, which is available for Apple® and Android® smartphones.

Clean. A shop vac, some window cleaner and auto body wax can give you a whole new outlook. Plus, keeping your equipment clean and protected can enhance its longevity and improve its resale value.

Maintain. Ensuring your equipment is field-ready can help you meet optimal planting windows. Our Red and Ready Productivity Hub offers all kinds of maintenance tips and guidance. Or talk to your Case IH dealer about scheduling a Certified Maintenance Inspection.

Finish. We all have them: projects that get off to a great start and then get sidetracked. Use what’s left of winter to wrap up interrupted projects. Starting the year with a clean slate can provide peace of mind and free you up to take on the next project.

In farming, the term off-season comes with a grain of salt. And, depending on where you farm, you might be days or a month or two from heading to the field. Regardless, make the best use of this time, and you’ll Be Ready for another successful season.

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