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The Right Track: Which Tractor Boasts Superior Design Features?

The Case Steiger Quadtrac’s turning radius drew praise from several longtime track operators in a 2016 test drive.

Raw engine horsepower means little without clever design that efficiently distributes that pop. In this blog post, you’ll learn the history of the Steiger® Quadtrac® tractor. Then, hear from ten experienced track operators that compared the Steiger Quadtrac 620 and John Deere 9620RX and evaluated performance and design features of each machine.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac tractors have worked fields around the world for more than 20 years. The tractor’s exclusive five-axle layout with three idler wheels on each track spread the tractor’s weight evenly across the machine. This spreads power across the soil profile, reducing slippage, sharpening the turning radius and reducing compaction compared with rubber track tractors.

Now, with competitive track tractors entering the market, Case IH has been working with operators to measure its lineup against the John Deere 9620RX — evaluating consistency of power to the ground among other key performance and design features.

See what producers had to say:

“The Case IH just had the power there waiting; if the engine pulled down, you know there was boost there to maintain speed,” said Nicholas Strom of South Dakota. “With the Deere, I lost speed and slipped. It just didn’t have the extra there that Case had.”

The five-axle design of the Case IH Quadtrac also sharpens the turning radius.

“Case Quadtrac has a much tighter radius and a much smoother right turn,” said Charles Augello of New York.

For the Steiger Quadtrac, smart design goes beyond the axles. The engine hood is accessible and cab highly visible.

“In the John Deere design, the front of the cab and your hood is up so much higher and you can’t see very close in front of you,” said Fred Lukens of North Dakota. “The Quadtrac’s got a nice slope and you can see in all directions.”

Inside the Steiger Quadtrac cab, producers commented on comfort and streamlined ergonomic digital controls.

“I was surprised on the Deere machine about having two screens,” said Kurt Druffel of Washington. “Obviously having everything integrated on one screen on the Case is very nice.”

Visit to see how each producer rated the features of each tractors. Or click the button below to schedule a test drive and see the Steiger Quadtrac design for yourself.




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