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These Attachments Will Ease Your Workload

Take a look at how the wide array of attachments from CASE Construction can help you be more efficient on your farm or livestock operation.

Whether for your skid steer, tractor-mounted loader or self-propelled wheel loader, the right attachment for the job can save you time and manpower and make the work easier. CASE Construction attachments offer a wide array of solutions for all types of farm and livestock operations.

Today’s guest blogger is Perry Girard, product manager for construction equipment attachments, buckets and wear parts at CASE Construction. Here’s his overview of CASE Construction attachments that are just as well-suited to the farmyard, pasture or corral as they are the job site:

Anytime you can make an existing piece of equipment more versatile or increase its time- and labor-saving capabilities, it becomes more valuable. Attachments are a great way to do that. Often, we think of certain attachments as too specialized — until we have a highly specialized task.

Case IH already features a great attachment lineup. CASE Construction enhances that offering with several options you might not have considered before for your farm:

Livestock operations

Augers and post drivers help make building and repairing fences more efficient. We offer bits ranging from 6 to 36 inches in diameter and for all types of soils, from easy-working sandy loam to the toughest rocky conditions. Augers come in handy, too, for planting trees and shrubs, whether landscaping around the house or establishing a new windbreak.

From bale handlers and spears to silage defacers and all types of material handling buckets, these attachments help make quick work of moving, storing and feeding chores.

Crop production

Backhoes and trenchers can help mitigate drainage issues on cropland or simplify running water lines to a new cattle tank or electrical lines to a new outbuilding. These are available in varying widths and depth capabilities.

If you’re constantly battling rocky areas in your fields, consider an auto rake or a rock bucket. Powered rakes pick up all types of materials, such as tree roots and rocks from ¾ to 6 inches in diameter, while working and smoothing the soil. The rake deposits debris into a hopper that’s easy to dump. Our power rakes also work great for tilling and preparing your garden or for landscaping projects.


Brooms, dozer blades and box scrapers help move and shape all types of materials from grading access roads to moving manure or feed from concrete alleyways to clearing snow.

Our rotary cutters can handle everything from keeping the farmstead manicured to taking down and shredding encroaching trees and brush up to 4 inches in diameter. For the biggest jobs, our extreme rotary cutter can handle trees up to 7 inches in diameter.


It’s important to work with your Case IH dealer to ensure the attachment you’re considering is compatible with your existing equipment or the equipment you plan to purchase. Some attachments require specific hydraulic flow capacities. Others require an electrical hookup. Brackets and other connections can vary by the type of equipment, and some might not allow for a full range of motion.

With the right attachment for the task at hand, you’ll be able to finish the job more quickly and more efficiently, so you can get on to the day’s next project.


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