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This Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Remanufacture

Each finished remanufactured part is reassembled and then tested completely to ensure original equipment manufacturer performance.

In any successful farming operation, equipment uptime and cost management settle near the top of the priority list. Case IH remanufactured parts provide a big boost on both fronts, helping you keep your machines running smoothly and economically.

More than rebuilding, much more

Remanufacturing is a specific manufacturing process that starts with a worn component — known as a core — and restores it to as-new condition in accordance with performance and reliability specifications.

Less energy is required to construct a remanufactured part because the worn existing part (core) already exists. There is no need for mining, smelting or casting — all of which requires energy and the consumption of natural resources.

Skilled technicians, following stringent procedures, begin by completely disassembling the product and then painstakingly cleaning and inspecting each component. Using specialized precision equipment, technicians repair and machine each component to match original specifications. Wear items are replaced with original equipment manufacturer-supplied parts, adhering to the latest specifications.

Once assembled, each product, ranging from engines and drivelines to hydraulics and rotating electrical to fuel pumps and injectors, must stand up to complete testing to ensure it performs as new. Components come as drop-in assemblies, so you can be up and running faster.

Reliability you can trust

Remanufactured products are the smart choice because they’re like new yet cost significantly less. Comprehensive warranties back up the quality of the product.

For machine owners, this lowers the overall cost of operation, maximizes uptime and increases equipment resale value. And — although every day is Earth Day in agriculture — remanufacturing keeps parts out of landfills and helps stretch our natural resources.

Talk to your Case IH dealer to learn more about Case IH remanufactured parts and our full line of genuine Case IH Parts & Services.


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