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Time Your Corn Feedings Right, Stuff Your Bins This Fall

With a working width of more than 60 feet and tank capacities of 1,650 or 2,050 gallons, the Case IH Nutri-Placer 920 helps you deliver the nutrients your growing corn crop needs when it needs them.

Timing fertilizer applications to when your crops need them most is sound nutrient stewardship — and so much more. It’s about maximizing yields and your financial resources. The full lineup of Case IH application equipment can help you implement in-crop fertility programs so you can improve your yield potential.

Young corn plants — up to about the fifth leaf development stage — require little nitrogen. Your preplant fertilizer applications typically meet those needs. According to university Extension research, the largest portion of the total nitrogen uptake in corn occurs during the eighth leaf to VT (tasseling) development stages. Nitrogen uptake is mostly complete shortly after pollination. Extension specialists recommend applying nitrogen before the V8 development stage. Research has shown that if applications are done around V6, it is rare to see yield loss due to nitrogen stress.1

Choose an application that suits your farm

Injection into the soil or dribbling the nitrogen fertilizer between rows are the best ways to side dress, because these applications can reduce volatilization of urea and protect the crop from foliar damage.2 Case IH gives you the flexibility to meet your growing crop’s nutrient needs with equipment options that fit the way you prefer to farm:

Nutri-Placer® pull-type fertilizer applicators are designed to improve the productivity of every pass. With durability, flexibility and reliability that have been proven on millions of acres and a variety of field conditions, the Nutri-Placer family will fit nearly any soil type. With options available for liquid nitrogen or anhydrous ammonia applications, you can count on the Nutri-Placer for precise nutrient management.

A range of toolbar widths, ground-engaging coulter options and tank capacities helps you efficiently cover more acres across all types of field conditions and terrain.

AIM AccuPlacer can help you be more efficient and effective in your fertilizer applications by allowing you to quickly and easily convert your self-propelled sprayer into an efficient side-dressing machine — and just as easily back into a sprayer — to help you maximize productivity and your equipment ROI.

AIM AccuPlacer pairs perfectly with your Patriot® series sprayer — or any make or model of spray equipment — to deliver a constant, consistent stream of nitrogen when and where your growing crops need it to reach their full yield potential.

Tap into technology for even greater precision

When you integrate your applications with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), you can precisely manage nutrients. From autoguidance that helps keep each pass straight to variable-rate application that helps you more efficiently apply nutrients to a fully integrated platform that gathers data during every phase of production, AFS is the ideal fertilizer companion.

Side dressing is among the most economic and agronomically beneficial ways to meet the nutritional needs of your growing crops. Talk to your Case IH dealer about the application equipment best suited to your individual situation.


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