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Tips to Minimize Sprayer Drift

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this new series. In his third guest blog post in the series, Mark gives tips to minimize sprayer drift. His insights help you Be Ready throughout the growing season. 

Lots of products on the market can be used to minimize drift. For example:

  • Tank additives are available to help reduce drift potential.
  • Automatic boom height controls can help with drift by maintaining the boom at the proper height above the target.
  • Spray tips come in many different types, and switching from extended-range tips to drift reduction tips can help increase droplet size (but also reduce the number of droplets available).
  • Air-induction tips help produce a bigger droplet, which is less likely to move off target.

In addition, spray technology is available to aid in drift reduction, like the AIM Command® spray system on Case IH Patriot® Series sprayers. The AIM Command® spray system provides precise spraying capabilities with complete control. It is a patented innovation in spray technology that multiplies the utility of a standard chemical boom. This type of technology has two facets to combat drift. First, you have the ability to hold a constant spray pressure and constant application rate that are both independent of speed. Second, you’re able to preset two spray pressures and change between them on the go, which allows you to select a lower spray pressure when necessary. Watch this video to hear how these producers are able to minimize drift.

While these products and technologies are aids, the most important factor is the decision by the sprayer operator. Regardless of what drift reduction aid is employed, there are times when the only answer is to shut the machine down until weather conditions change.

What do you do to minimize drift when you spray? What are some of the situations you’ve confronted in regard to drift? Post your comments about spraying and learn more about how Case IH Patriot® Series sprayers can help you Be Ready to meet the needs of a growing population. Mark’s next blog post will include five tips to help you maximize sprayer efficiency.

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