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To Spray or Not to Spray – That is the Question

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this new series. His first guest blog post addresses how to know when to spray and when not to spray. His insights can help you Be Ready throughout the growing season. 

There are many factors that contribute to the decision of when – or when not – to spray. Ideally, you want to have the chemical application take place at the right agronomic moment. That “right moment” is when the chemical applied will preserve the yield potential for that particular field, allowing you to maximize productivity (i.e., more bushels per acre).

For each day that passes, the competition for nutrients and moisture between plants and weeds multiplies. In addition, the infestation of pests takes an increasing toll on the ability of the plant to produce grain, seed, feed or fiber.

The answer about when to spray isn’t so easy, though, because many factors contribute to making a timely application. Environmental conditions, such as wind and rain, significantly impact when you should spray. For example, wet field conditions can cause your equipment to leave ruts that will stay in the field all year long, and wind can cause off-target applications (drift).

Take these factors into consideration when making decisions about when to spray. Certain sprayer attributes, such as vehicle weight and weight distribution, along with advanced spray technology, will affect your ability to get into the field in those less-than-ideal conditions. Keep them in mind to still do a good job applying chemicals while not adversely affecting the environment.

I invite you to post your spraying-related questions below. Mark’s next blog post will help you keep your sprayer running at peak performance. Learn more about how Case IH Patriot® Series sprayers can help you Be Ready to meet the needs of a growing population.

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