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Top Farm Trends Setting the Tone for 2017

Look for new, proven practices that can help make every acre more productive this year and beyond.

Chasing what’s trendy can get you in trouble — at least that’s the conventional wisdom. But it’s during challenging times like these that so-called trendy practices often have emerged because they’ve stood up to strict scrutiny. They’ve proven their value.

In preparation for the new growing season, we polled Case IH product managers, field specialists and other experts about which practices are earning their place in farming operations across the country. Here’s what we learned:

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. You’re focused on doing more with less, aiming for optimal use of time, inputs and resources without sacrificing results. Efficiency and productivity are driving your decisions.

Managing costs and targeting resources. You eye every input, every capital investment and every expense with a high level of skepticism. Access to sound supporting data and trusted advisers are critical.

Adopting precision farming technology. Precision farming is helping you reduce input costs by minimizing overlaps and better targeting applications. You’re relying on this technology to help you make solid decisions through better, more-timely information.1

Strip-till popularity. Fewer trips across the field coupled with soil- and moisture-conserving benefits2 are among the reasons strip-till continues to gain ground. Look to Case IH and our new Nutri-Tiller 955 strip-till applicator for your one-pass seedbed solution.

Cover crops expanding. If you noticed more post-harvest greenup last fall, you weren’t seeing things. More and more farmers are seeding everything from field peas to clovers to annual grasses to take advantage of the benefits cover crops bring to their fields, such as providing a soil cover or barrier against soil erosion. These crops also can improve the soil by adding organic matter, nutrients and stability and by trapping leftover nutrients that otherwise might leach out.3

The most from every acre. You know you can’t afford to lose production to poor soil conditions, weeds or insect pests. You’re investing in water management, vertical tillage, more-effective nutrient delivery and timely, precise crop protection as you strive for the right balance between input and output.

You likely already see these and other trends where you farm. Many make good business sense regardless of market conditions. As you consider adjustments to your farming practices this year, talk to your Case IH dealer about products and services that can help bring greater efficiency — and profit potential — to your operation.

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