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Tough Crops Demand the Toughest Blades

Genetically engineered corn and soybean varieties make for stronger, bigger yields. But the same genetics that make these crops resistant to weather, disease and pests also make them tough to cut – and tough on your machine.

Add the challenge of residue management in minimum-till conditions and you’ll quickly conclude that traditional disk harrow blades aren’t always the best choice for optimum tillage efficiency. In fact, any savings gained from buying lower-cost, will-fit disk blades is often wiped out by faster wear, more breakage and subpar performance that quickly translates into higher fuel consumption.

On the other hand, sharper, premium-quality blades can cleanly and easily slice tough crop residues, especially in damp or high-residue conditions, so your tractor can work the fields more efficiently due to lower draft loads.

disk blade

The most recent improvements in the manufacturing process for Case IH Earth Metal® disk blades – long known for their endurance in the field and resistance to breakage – have resulted in Super Sharp™ Edge blades.

These Super Sharp Edge blades are the toughest, sharpest blades on the market. Because they’re made from Earth Metal, they meet rigorous manufacturing and testing requirements, then they’re finished with a treatment that makes them as much as five times sharper than conventional disk blades.

An additional half-inch of diameter on each blade provides more material in the critical 2- to 3-inch wear zone. In the case of a 28-inch blade, that amounts to about a 17 percent longer blade life.

As the name implies, the Super Sharp blades are self-sharpening. Your Case IH dealer also has the tools to restore them to their original sharpness without reducing blade diameter.

For more information on disk blades and sweeps – plus maintenance checklists, informative videos, articles, efficiency calculators and more – go to, or visit your local dealer. To shop Case IH genuine crop production products for all your tillage, planting, and seeding needs, visit

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