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Tracks Can Help Keep Fall Work Humming

Tracked equipment can help you access fields sooner and reduce compaction.

As summer transitions to fall, will the weather patterns change? If they do, will it be for the better? Case IH track technology can help you get your crops out so you can get back in the field with your tillage equipment quicker. And it can help you do both with a lighter footprint.

According to the July 9 update from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, nearly all models predict El Niño continuing through 2015. Many project a strengthening El Niño into the late fall and around an 85 percent chance it will last through the 2015-16 winter.

Generally, a strong El Niño into the fall and winter brings colder-than-normal temperatures in the Midwest and eastern U.S.; seasonal temperatures in the West and South; wetter-than-normal conditions in California and the Southwest; and drier-than-normal conditions in the Northwest and Texas.

Areas waterlogged through much of the growing season likely will welcome more normal precipitation patterns. But if El Niño conditions deliver as forecast, cooler-than-normal temperatures will slow crop maturity and dry down — further complicating an already challenging growing season. Track technology from Case IH can expand your harvest season and increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to complete fall tillage.

Harvest help

To help widen your harvest window, the front axle of the Axial-Flow® 240 series combines can be equipped with the rugged, triangular Quadtrac® track system for greater flotation and less soil compaction. The Quadtrac system’s design uses two 30- or 36-inch wide rubber tracks to reduce ground pressure by 50 percent to 60 percent. This results in minimal soil disturbance, a smooth and comfortable ride and less stress on your fields.

Tillage time

Fall tillage is critical in many cropping systems. It helps you manage crop residue and increases soil organic matter and tilth. Opening the soil surface can help saturated fields dry. And deep tillage can improve water and nutrient infiltration. Case IH tracked tractors help you get on fields sooner with less soil compaction. Consider these options:

  • Steiger® Quadtrac tractors feature four individually driven, oscillating tracks for greater ground contact. Four tracks distribute weight more evenly and efficiently than two-track systems, reducing compaction and increasing flotation and traction.
  • Steiger Rowtrac™ tractors give you a longer tractor with a narrow frame for a better ride and more power to the ground. Better traction reduces compaction by minimizing slippage on the soil surface. Unlike two-track systems, there’s no ridging and berming in turns with Steiger Rowtrac tractors. Plus, each track drive oscillates up and down up to 10 degrees to maintain consistent ground contact no matter the conditions.
  • Magnum™ Rowtrac tractors use the latest innovation in Case IH track technology. Better flotation, improved maneuvering and greater flexibility help make Magnum Rowtrac tractors an ideal option for row-crop production in regions with challenging soil types or tight growing seasons. These tractors keep four points of ground contact for reduced surface pressure and less weight transfer from front to rear, compared with two-track systems. And they offer maneuverability and handling comparable to a wheeled tractor.

Gear up for fall

Regardless of El Niño’s impact, you need to be harvest-ready when your fields are. Your Case IH dealer can help you select the right track technology for your individual operation. Whether getting the crop out on time, minimizing compaction while crisscrossing fields with a grain cart in tow or completing critical fall tillage before the snow flies, Case IH track options are designed to meet your needs.

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