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Tracks Can Help You Stay on Track This Fall

Track technology can help you cover more acres, more efficiently, this fall.

Even as harvest winds down, you can’t afford to let the season slip away. Fortunately, track technology from Case IH can deliver the efficiency boost you need to till, fertilize and put your fields to bed before winter settles in.

Case IH track technology can help you accomplish those important tasks, even in less-than-ideal conditions. As the fall fieldwork window tightens with each passing day, consider how tracks can help you do more without sacrificing long-term production:

  • Better traction, less slippage for greater efficiency
  • Better flotation, reduced compaction for improved soil tilth

Whether pulling anhydrous tanks, a disk or deep tillage implement, track technology from Case IH delivers more horsepower to the ground. Pair that with Case IH Efficient Power technology, and you have an unbeatable combination. From the true Steiger® Quadtrac® tractor to enhanced row-crop flexibility, only Case IH gives you the track tractor options that best meet your needs.

Steiger Quadtrac. Every field pass creates soil compaction. Thanks to Agronomic Design from Case IH, Steiger series tractors minimize compaction with even weight distribution and the power and traction to pull the widest implements, resulting in fewer trips across the field. Plus, Steiger tractors with patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, set new industry records for fuel-efficient power.

Steiger Rowtrac. Compaction isn’t limited to the largest equipment or the biggest fields. With equal-sized, independent, oscillating tracks, the Steiger Rowtrac lets you put track technology to work in a high-yielding, row-crop setting. Along with greater flexibility, the Steiger Rowtrac minimizes ground pressure and reduces compaction, improves traction and simplifies transport.​ This exclusive design allows you to cover more ground in less time, even when field conditions are less than optimal.​

MagnumRowtrac. No one tractor solution can fit every farm’s needs. The Magnum Rowtrac combines the benefits of track technology with the maneuverability of a wheeled tractor. It’s an ideal option for row crop production in areas with challenging soil types. Magnum Rowtrac tractors give you tire options that fit your row width and soil type. The oscillating rear-track design keeps the power on the ground through the tightest turns. These tractors keep four points of ground contact. That reduces surface pressure and means less weight transfer from front to rear than two-track systems.

As you evaluate your workload through the rest of the season — or into next spring — consider how track technology can help you get over the acres you need to cover. Then talk with your Case IH dealer about how tracks can help get the job done while protecting against soil compaction.

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  • Joe Mencer11.1.2015 Reply

    I have ran tracks on my combines for years. This year I had the factory installed track systems. They were great. Got us thru the wet rice fields with very little rutting. I am looking forward to getting two row track tractors for next spring.

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