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Upgrade Your Fall Fertilizer Applications

The right equipment from Case IH can help you meet tight fall application windows.

Fall nitrogen application — usually in the form of anhydrous ammonia — is an important crop production practice across many northern Corn Belt states. The window to get the job done is tight. Reliable, agronomically designed equipment from Case IH helps ensure it gets done right.

Fall fertilizer applications are popular among farmers in colder northern regions. The timing offers several advantages,1 including:

  • Reduced soil compaction compared with typically wetter spring conditions
  • Spreads the workload, which can help keep planting season on track
  • Ensures nitrogen is in place if conditions turn too wet for timely spring sidedress applications

To help keep fall-applied nitrogen in place and available for next year’s corn crop, apply anhydrous ammonia after the soil temperature (at a 4-inch depth) cools below 50 degrees and before soil freeze.2 Depending on when harvest wraps up, the window might be relatively wide. Yet even during an open fall, conditions can turn winterlike, seemingly overnight. That’s why it’s important to be field-ready when soil temps drop.

From heavy-duty construction to high clearance for even crop residue flow, Case IH offers rugged, dependable fertilizer application equipment for timely fall fertilizer applications. Talk with your Case IH dealer about the options best suited to your individual needs:

Nutri-Placer 930. Proven ground-engaging components provide optimal anhydrous ammonia placement; available in five widths ranging from 27.5 to 47.5 feet.

Nutri-Placer 940. Features a working width ranging from 60 to 65 feet and 15- or 30-inch row spacings.

Nutri-Placer 5300. Available in mounted or pull-type configurations; can be used for preplant and side-dress application.

Strip-till options. Enhance your seed bed conditions while you manage crop residue, improve soil tilth and band plant food in the root zone with Case IH custom-fit strip-till systems:

  • Nutri-Tiller 950 strip-till system offers working widths from 20 to 60 feet and a three- and five-section flex frame for improved ground contouring.
  • Nutri-Tiller 5310 strip-till system, with its six- or eight-row 3-point-hitch-mounted frame style, boosts your fertilizer dollar while keeping soil in its place; custom-fit options help you handle your crop residue management practices.

Along with reliable Case IH fertilizer equipment, it’s important to stay focused and safe. Before you head to the field, review this University of Minnesota Extension guide to using anhydrous ammonia safely. It’s the most important task you can complete as you prepare your fields for next year’s crop.


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2Integrated Crop Management News. Farmers Reminded to Wait Until Soil Temps are 50 Degrees and Falling Before Applying Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach website. http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2012/10/farmers-reminded-wait-until-soil-temps-are-50-degrees-and-falling-applying

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