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Value Your Hay. Handle It the Right Way.

When your hay crop comes off as planned, it sure is satisfying. Cut at the ideal growth stage. Cured in perfect drying conditions. Baled before it rains. But do you have the right handling equipment to finish the job?

The perfect hay in the perfect bale can quickly lose value — in nutritional value and in real dollars — if you don’t treat it right. From tractors to loaders to attachments, your Case IH dealer can help you put together the hay-handling machine perfectly suited to your individual operation.

Tractors. Our Farmall®, Maxxum® and Puma® series tractors are designed with the power, efficiency and versatility you need to put up and handle your hay crop. Choose the efficient, multipurpose Puma line for just the right size and power to handle many tasks. Or go with the Maxxum series to handle the large workload and multiple tasks of livestock operations and row-crop applications. In the durable, easy-to-use, versatile Farmall series, you’ll find a tractor that meets all of your operation’s demands.

Loaders. It’s hard to imagine a more relied-upon workhorse across the farm than your loader. From cleaning pens to moving bales to clearing snow, loaders must be ready to go every day. Like our tractor lineup, Case IH loaders give you flexibility to choose the one that best meets your needs. And when you choose a Case IH loader matched with your Case IH tractor, you get great visibility to the attachment and load, along with superior compatibility:

  • L300 series: For Farmall series compact tractors, with great visibility to the bucket and strong, durable, curved boom arms.
  • L505 series: For light utility (40 to 100 horsepower) tractors, the L505 series fits Farmall A, C and N series tractors.
  • L705 series: Premium loaders for the serious operator. These loaders are available for the Farmall 75C up through Maxxum, Puma and Magnum™ series tractors.

Attachments. A loader is only as useful as its attachments. Work with your Case IH dealer to outfit your loader with the compatible attachments that will make it the invaluable tool you need. When it comes to moving, storing or feeding hay, you’ll find a versatile attachment designed to handle specific or multiple tasks for maximum efficiency.

Quickly and efficiently moving bales off the field helps the next cutting get off to a fast start. Handling those bales with a gentle touch helps protect their feed and dollar value. Visit your Case IH dealer to see how compatibility between tractor and loader can help you put the finishing touch on your hay crop, cutting after cutting.

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